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A Strategy PC game set in 1920's, themed after the mafia and made in a graphic novel style.
Made in C++ and SFML, with Blender3D, Inkscape, GIMP and Audacious.

Also visit the site (and hopefully help funding it?):

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First Post!


Hello, community! This is my first contact about my game in IndieDB, and I wanted to show a little about my work in progress. icon

A Mafia Graphic Novel is a personal project I've been conceiving for more than 10 years, even before I knew anything about programming. Of course, I'm one of the people orphaned by a lack of Gangsters 3 game, so I decide to make my own approach.


The goal is to create something between Gangsters 2 (Eidos) and SimCity 4 (Maxis): a strategy game where the player can issue orders to units form the map view. But, instead of watching the actions happen in real time, issued orders or important story events will happen in a "graphic novel/comic book" way: pages turn, player makes choices and the outcomes vary.

It is being programmed in C++ ans SFML, and I also use Blender3D, GIMP, Inkscape and Audacious.

While this is early, I already have some mechanics working. The city is procedurally generated, it can handle a bit more than 16 million buildings at once (of course, depends on the hardware; but overall, it is lightweigth), and I have a simple GUI system working.


Next step is to model all the buildings (about 96) and insert them in the game.
Also, check the website (freehosting, for now): Mafiagraphicnovel.000webhostapp.com

If possible, funding is appreciated!

Keep in touch!

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FleshEatingBeans - - 48 comments

I applaud your dedication!

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Stauricus Creator
Stauricus - - 1 comments

thanks! i'm making whatever I can for this to not take too much longer.

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