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A simplistic platformer with monochromatic graphics, nerve racking levels, and refreshing music.

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A Blog About this Game.


Well everybody, this is my first ever game. It's taken about 7 months total to finish. Mainly because I've been reaaaally lazy about working on it, but in the end I came through and finished. Which is not really like me. See, I'm extremely good at starting stuff, but extraordinarily bad at finishing. So this is exciting cause it could be a sign that I'm starting to turn over a new leaf... probably not though, but oh well.

Now granted my game is really nothing too special, but none the less it comes from my heart. I spent many hours in a dark room staring at the screen, pouring out my heart and soul into this game, and my efforts were not fruitless. They led to the birth of one of my many brain children. This is that child. So hopefully, you enjoy.

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A Day In The Life Of Dave

A Day In The Life Of Dave

Full Version 2 comments

This is the first Release of the Game. It features 25 levels of pure nerve destroying peril. *But wait there's a note* : This release of the game may...

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