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8-Bit Night, a retro platform game with a unique twist. Spin the world around you on its axis to solve the deviously designed levels. Collect pixels, avoid marauding skulls and experience two-dimensional gaming from an all-new and exciting perspective. Key features: - A unique gameplay experience - 50 brainstorming levels to play Awards: *Dream.Build.Play 2011 Challenge - Semi-finalist*

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8-Bit Night for FREE for 2 days, to support of my new game "AirKnight".

Feel free to check indieGoGo page here: Igg.me

Recession Bundle Launches!

Recession Bundle Launches!

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The Recession Bundle has just launched and Star-Twine is a part of it! The bundle includes 6 freeware games and 2 paid bonus games for donators! A portion...

8-Bit Night

8-Bit Night


8-Bit Night Review at RGCD by James Monkman / Heavy Stylus

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Caine123 - - 19 comments

the soundtrack isnt complete is it? :(

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Orpheusftw - - 40 comments

I was about to be outraged that you ripped off AlterEgo Dreamwalker, until I noticed you're the same developer. Good stuff. This looks like it really expands on the concept.

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Saint_oXi - - 1 comments

Really amazing game! The sound effects reminded me of Dangerous Dave :D

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arnzzz - - 11 comments

Amazing game, Absolutely amazing :)

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cyrax88 - - 13 comments

Great game dude ! 360 pad works perfectly aswell and the music is top notch !

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graylox - - 10 comments

Thanks a lot for the gift :)

I had not the time to play it right now, but it looks like a lot of fun - though I'm mostly too slow for such games.
At least the grandkids will master it.

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ti1468 - - 2 comments

man, i would really like to know how to get the soundtrack for this

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retrosouls Creator
retrosouls - - 13 comments

Here is an OST: Retrosouls.net

Reply Good karma+5 votes
ti1468 - - 2 comments

Oh yes!! thank you thank you thank you thank you!!
I love your game and you just made my week!
You're awesome :D

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hravnik - - 2 comments

How can i get the awesome soundtrack of this game?

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