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5 Minute Dungeon is a fast paced dungeon platformer. Filled with traps, monsters and lots of loot. Got lots more to show! You start out in a Town hub, here you can buy new weapons and armor. When you enter the dungeon you will be flooded with traps, monsters and loot. Try to survive and defeat the boss at the end of the dungeon. Each dungeon room is randomly selected, so every run is unique.


This is the very first build of the game. So it's missing a lot. Everything in the shop is free, so you can equip better gear from the start if you think the game is too hard. I added a StarWars inspired helmet and weapon for testing. The helmet gives you infinite health. The sword does 99 damage. Powerups don't work yet. Controls: Arrows keys to move around. Z - Jump. X - Attack/Action

5 Minute Dungeon [Alpha 0.0.1]
aamatniekss - - 29 comments

I tested it out! Love what Im seeing so far! Reminds me of Rogue legacy a lot, which is a very good thing.
You should definitely add a way to toggle fullscreen, because it's pretty weird playing on that super small window. Anyways, not much to give feedback about as Im liking pretty much everything there is so far. Just needs a lot more content, like more rooms so they aren't always the same ones, more equipment pieces, etc.
Looking forward to next versions!

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GiffE - - 117 comments

Tried it out, in my opinion the controls are extremely difficult. Perhaps adding controller support would help but I just had a lot of difficulty timing jumps and attacks.
Attacks were slow and jumping was hard to control as well. I hit EVERY trap. I always took a bat to the face before killing it as timing the sword swings was difficult.

I loved the art and I loved the level design though, I hope the "feel" issues get ironed out.

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