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Submitting a new post adds an edit of the first one instead (Forums : Suggestions : Submitting a new post adds an edit of the first one instead) Locked
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Apr 13 2018 Anchor


I noticed that whenever I posted an update on a thread I started with the "Post Reply" button on the upper right corner or the bottom box, the first post is edited instead of actually submitting a new post on the thread.

This makes the whole posting feature useless, and I was wondering if it was a bug, or a setting I overlooked.

Thanks in advance.

Apr 13 2018 Anchor

Hello, where do you post a new reply? What threads, can you link them? Replies are auto-merged if the last post in the thread is yours and you're replying to it (trying to bump it). That's the default behaviour. If you're replying to a last post written by someone else (in your original thread), and instead of beholding the new reply you notice that your first post is edited, that would be a bug.

Apr 14 2018 Anchor

The thread where I have this issue is the following :


I have been posting updates about the game's development there but each and every one of them ended up merged with the first post, as there weren't any replies from other users.

Apr 14 2018 Anchor

Yes, that's the default behaviour of ModDB/IndieDB forums. So your thread would be a suggestion, not a bug report. It's a setting.

Not sure if changing it would be any good, forums are only lightly moderated, some people would take advantage of it and bump threads without much to show, or spam-bump their threads. On the other hand, it could help forum activity... hmmm.

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