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Mar 1 2018 Anchor

Note that Development Banter forum is for general talk related to devving, not for shameless plugs or team member recruitment.

  • You can advertise and promote your games and mods in Pimpage & Posing forum: Indiedb.com
  • You can recruit people or if you are looking for a job, post your resume in Recruiting & Resumes forum: Moddb.com
  • You can post your ideas (which are not in development) in Ideas & Concepts forum Moddb.com

Your threads can be moved to a more appropriate board, using wrong forums to advertise your project would almost never be banworthy, but please avoid adding your game news/files to someone else's games or companies, posting the same threads on multiple, different boards, sending PMs about your project to random community members, spamming comments sections of games or mods or members... repeatedly doing any of that is bannable.

(Adding your news/files to and leaving shameless plugs on general community groups such as Indie Devs, Indie Gamers is fine if you do not outright spam those group pages. Some development groups may look generic but they are not generic. Development groups have /company in their URL, community groups have /groups.)

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