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Aug 3 2012 Anchor

It has been a while since a new poll was added, do you have any suggestions for a new poll at the main ModDB website? BTW there are already 11 pages of ModDB polls: Moddb.com / Moddb.com perhaps some of them can be rehashed.

Site staff can add your poll at the main website if other members like it.

(PS Suggestions for IndieDB & Desura polls including.)

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Aug 3 2012 Anchor

It would be nice if they had a page where it showed the list of features they mean to add and the status of said features.

Aug 3 2012 Anchor

You mean a public to-do list?

Anyway, this is a thread for suggestions for the next poll for polls page: Moddb.com

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Aug 3 2012 Anchor

do you think steam's greenlight will kill this site?
do you think the OUYA will succeed?
what is your favorite operating system to develop games for?

Edited by: atsebak

Aug 3 2012 Anchor

That poll about OUYA would be nice, maybe rephrased a bit "what do you think about OUYA". Any other suggestions for polls?

Oct 3 2012 Anchor

Perhaps a "What game are you most excited for this fall?" Although that might stir up fanboys :D

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