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Feb 13 2017 Anchor

I was wondering, what are some of your favorite levels / maps / dungeons you have seen and loved in the past. Because of something that happens there, because its well designed or beautifully detailed. Things you loved as both a designer and as a player.

Feb 13 2017 Anchor

I may need to post here couple times to post all of my favorite levels

Anyways, here are some:

1. Contra Hardcorps : Ship-road level. This level is filled with 3 subbosses and 3 boss fights. It was intense, challenging and fun too. Even better, this level is the path to best ending of the game

2. Contra 3 : The Alien Wars : Stage 4. This level has the best music of the game and also the most intense action. It starts with bike ride for more than half time of the level before finally hanging on missiles

I'll post again when I could remember more

Feb 13 2017 Anchor
DarkBloodbane wrote:

1. Contra Hardcorps : Ship-road level.

2. Contra 3 : The Alien Wars : Stage 4.

I too love Contra, so very very much. Thanks for the feedback.


Im rooting for you, we're all in this together.

Feb 16 2017 Anchor

Ah I remember one level from Shove It!, sokoban game, which is very memorable:

8 boxes level from Shove It

Like any Sokoban games, Shove It has many challenging levels including this one but this one is easily memorable cause of its simple design. Yep, just 8 boxes and 8 spots, but it requires more than 8 tries if you don't know how ;)

This kind of simplicity inspires me (as level designer) to make challenging yet simply levels

Apr 12 2017 Anchor

The mountains of Freedom in Ultima 7 Part 2. While not technically a "level", it was brilliantly designed.


Code of the Savage RPG

Jul 22 2017 Anchor

AVP2: Playing as marine and getting chased by the predator after escaping the star finder ship - that was one tight rush down hill to the APC

Sep 2 2017 Anchor

Halo CE: The Silent Cartographer. Nice battles, plenty of freedom, you're exploring this island and uncovering it's secrets; blasting and driving through aliens every step of the way.

Sep 5 2017 Anchor

God of War and Metal Gear Solid series hands down. GoW level design along with its puzzles and revisiting of previous unlockable levels are just incredible along with MGS where the levels are designed to bring out your stealth tactics to the max

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