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Delete my account please (Forums : Support : Delete my account please) Locked
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Sep 12 2016 Anchor

Hey, so i realized i have an account here i created years ago, can somone please delete it for me as i cannot find any option to do so myself, and the only thing i find searching is an old thread with a sassy admin that refuses to do so.


Sep 12 2016 Anchor

Try Private Messaging the Site's community manager here: Moddb.com

Sep 12 2016 Anchor

Actually any active admin can delete/close your account, but you have to either request it on forum or PM one of those site admins. You just need to include the URL of the member profile you want deleted to avoid any confusion e.g. when you made two accounts. (And by the way, it is better not to point the finger at anyone as that makes you guilty/disrespectful in the first place. ;-))

Sep 12 2016 Anchor

yes, of course, it just seemed weird that a person that would be able to provide a service was unwilling to do so.

So this is my request to delete this account then, Moddb.com
please delete it

Oct 11 2016 Anchor

Can someone delete my account?


Jan 15 2017 Anchor

I want to delete my account as well please

thanks in advance

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Jan 16 2017 Anchor

Can someone also delete my account please?

Feb 9 2017 Anchor

Can I get mine deleted as well? Thanks!

Feb 21 2017 Anchor

and my too plz

Feb 25 2017 Anchor

Someone could delete my account ?. Thanks in advance!

Mar 4 2017 Anchor

Me too .. Thank you soo much !!

Delete this Account !!

Mar 10 2017 Anchor

Also please this account Moddb.com

With regards

Apr 2 2017 Anchor

Could an admin delete my account too, please ?


Best regards

Apr 9 2017 Anchor

I would also like to delete my account, thanks in advance


Apr 21 2017 Anchor

Hello, sorry to be yet another person, but please delete my account? Just trying to clean up so I don't have so many random accounts.

My Account

Apr 23 2017 Anchor

Hello, I apologize but can you please delete my account as well.

May 6 2017 Anchor

Please delete my account aswell. Thanks

Whoops, I meant to forgot to add the url to delete my account haha.

Indiedb.com Please delete this account. Thanks!

May 8 2017 Anchor

Please delete my account as well - blackhelgagames

Jun 4 2017 Anchor

Please delete my account!! AntonioDev!!

Jun 9 2017 Anchor

Delete my account please. I will register new account, so I don't leave you. Thanks.

Jun 13 2017 Anchor

Delete my account, please.

Jun 18 2017 Anchor

Please delete my account.


Jun 19 2017 Anchor

Please delete my account! Thank you :)

Jun 23 2017 Anchor

Please delete my account too! Thank you! :)

Jun 23 2017 Anchor

Please delete my account.

Please delete my account.

Please delete my account.

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