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Hi! Xenospore 1.1 is finally here! It's been a long road (getting from there to here 😉) - About 9 Months to be exact! Wow, time flies...

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Xenospore 1.1 is finally here!

It's been a long road (getting from there to here 😉) - About 9 Months to be exact! Wow, time flies...

Since I changed quite a lot and slightly edited some of the previous levels, I decided it would be best not to support older saves. Sorry...

If you enjoyd the game please consider letting me know by rating it - I read all the reviews and it really means a lot! Thank you!

Click here to play Xenospore 1.1





  • Quick Actions
  • Fast turns
  • Threats System
  • Added 15 New levels
  • Added new 12 tiles
  • Graphical Improvements
  • Safe Islands are greyed out
  • New mechanics and features
  • More options
  • Major QoL improvements
  • Some bug fixes

New TIles

  • Ocean. Has a max corruption level of 6. Cannot be destroyed.
  • Metropolis - Populated tile. Has a max corruption level of 6.
  • Power Plant - Evolves into Spore Spire.
  • Extractor - Explosive.
  • Refiner - Explosive, Longer Range.
  • Xeno Research Facility - Explosive, even longer range.
  • Amplifier - only one can be active at a time, protects nearby tiles and facilities.
  • Spore Spire - infects adjacent tiles in a radius of 2 tiles.
  • Disruptor - separates the selection of adjacent tiles.
  • Purifier - cleanses all tiles around it (with the exception of Xenospore type tiles).
  • Road - With 3 Variations.
  • Farm - looks cool, replaces ruins.

QoL and Improvements

  • You can now cleanse / destroy by selecting tiles then clicking the right mouse button. --OR-- By simply hovering over a tile group and right clicking to select and cleanse / destroy (depending on the tiles), simultaneously.
  • Player no longer needs to manually destroy populated tiles that are close to spore arms. When spore arms emerge, adjacent populated tiles and facilities are destroyed.
  • Islands and populated tiles that are totally separated from the Xenospore now become grayed out and cannot be acted upon.
  • When selecting tiles, threatening Xenospore tiles are highlighted, and vice versa.
  • The game will automatically skip turns if the player has no valid actions (only when indestructible tiles such as ocean are present)
  • Max possible corruption on a tile increased to 6.
  • If the player did not select fast turns, tiles will now evolve one by one.
  • Infection now always starts at the source and spreads outwards.
  • Randomized the order in which tiles fester.
  • Hovering over the populated tiles remaining indicator while tiles are not selected will highlight all populated tiles, making it easier to navigate more complex levels.
  • Populated tiles will now blink and animate at the beginning of the turn.
  • Populated tiles that will be destroyed next turn now always blink.
  • Current "health" now blinks and pulses when the amount is changed.
  • Renamed House to Village, Fort to Town, Heights to Hills, Mountains to Mountain, Mycelium to Blight.
  • Levels are now automatically centered.
  • New Feature - Explosive tiles: when fully corrupted, instantly converts all the surrounding tiles in range to Blight.
  • New Feature - Always infected tiles.
  • New Feature - Singular Tiles (only on can be selected).
  • New Feature - Seperation - only tiles in the seperation range can be acted upon, or tiles outside of it.
  • New tile type - Facility: can be cleansed but does not affect the score.
  • New tile type - Activation: only one can be active at a given time.
  • Added comparison to previous save (high score) in the level score screen - you can now see how much you improved or the opposite.
  • Added "Perfect!" text when all populated tiles are saved after a level is completed.
  • Added color to levels in level selection.
  • Added info tags next to the tile's information when hovering over tiles.
  • Added option for Camera Zoom Out.
  • Added option to change the intensity of the background color.
  • Added a background color to the player (turned off by default).
  • Added an option for full screen in the settings.
  • Added an option for fast turns in the settings.
  • Added an option to hide highlights (red outlines around tiles that are in danger of infection) unless selecting tiles.
  • Added text for which action the Xenospore is currently doing (Contagion, Festering, Emergence).
  • Added a custom cursor.
  • Improved the graphics of all tiles.
  • Improved corruption level indicator graphics (the red blobs on the tiles).
  • Improved the tile outlines.
  • Improved mobile experience.
  • Improved some levels.
  • Improved the Icon's visuals.
  • Made the tile fade in and fade out animations faster.
  • Made tile outlines more discernible and fit to the tile's animations.
  • Made the levels transition faster.
  • Made the CRT scanlines smaller.
  • Made the scrollbar and grabber in the levels menu taller.
  • Made transitions and animations faster.
  • Made the gaps when showing a number out of max number narrower (i.e houses saved in the levels menu).
  • Changed some populated tile texts.
  • Changed the cleanse effect color.
  • Changed the Ruins tile to a Farm tile.
  • Changed player tile destruction color - the explosion now has the color of the tiles that were destroyed, making it a bit easier to understand what's going on and acts as a sort of confirmation on the action.
  • Changed the save file location folder name to Xenospore (the save will no longer be under "Godot").
  • Removed some explosion sounds.
  • Removed some unnecessary tiles in some levels.
  • Removed color options. Note: Unfortunately it was not possible to keep supporting these due to the amount of new content and the changes I made.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in which the game would save a worse score if only the number of turns changed.
  • Fixed a bug in which if you start the turn with the mouse over a tile, the tile does not become hovered, making it seem like it is not clickable.
  • Fixed a bug in which animations would all play simultaneously after restarting or passing a level.
  • Fixed a bug in which you could select tiles (but not act upon them) while the level is ending.
  • Fixed a rare bug in which the game waited too long between turns.
  • Screenshake no longer causes a connected controller to shake.
  • Fixed a bug in which the current level was not focused on screen in the levels menu.
  • Fixed "health" ui showing last level's health while the new level is starting.
  • Fixed some tile and ui graphics.
  • You can no longer select tiles with the mouse wheel.

Other Changes

  • Huge refactor of the entire code base which admittedly was a bit messy. It's still not as neat as I'd like it to be but it has improved alot.

Known Issues

  • In very rare cases, tiles remain hovered (yellow outlines) when nothing is hovered. The tile indicator works properly. This is not game breaking. I'm currently looking into this issue.
  • The option for Fast Turns may cause tiny FPS drops.
  • Touch Screens: scrolling levels with touch screens changes to a level after dragging, unless the bar is used.
  • Touch Screens: selecting a level will cause both hover and selection sound to play.

If you find any issues / bugs, I will really appreciate it if you let me know :-)

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