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A new UI, Harvester and the creatures can eat, drink, sleep and work now. New Demo download

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A new UI, Harvester and the creatures can eat, drink, sleep and work now. A bazillion little things has been changed in this update. Download demo on Bring Back Life webpage

Bring Back Life

The UI has been updated with Icons, so it is easier for the player to use.

You start with building the geysir pressurizer on the plate and this starts the rain. From there you plant bulbfruit and make a manual pump so your first creatures don't starve. Build a town , add a road and build some houses along the road.

In the demo creatures are released on aquiring the second geysir. A lot of early game needs to be refined and redone. Miners, Harvesters now require workers and the player can make a manual pump for water to the colony so the creatures don't die of thirst

The harvester has a new look and wobbling liquid.

The Lava is in the form of cubes as I could not make lava work with the water simulation. In the long run it will be much easier to have the lava interact with the world via colliders.

I hope for some good feedback this time. Last time was very sparse. Should I do a video of the gameplay with commentary?

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