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Post feature RSS Where's my Mom? - FULL (with Update v3.0)


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Update (v3.0) > Fixed bugs, Added Castle walls (beta stage, includes sound, may change in future updates), Added rule for entering places in town, Added rule for talking to people in town, Added rule for entering into closed doors in town, removed save game from the game (accidentally added in Update v2.0), added movie regarding the game’s story (alpha stage, may not work in all versions released) You play Oliver, a young teenager who finds out that his mom has been kidnapped by the evil Dark Ghoul, through this RPG Game, created with RPGMaker VXAce and CityMayor Games and the creative developer (creator of The KODU Race Game, see our website) ThePCGamer101, join Oliver when you go on an adventure to kill the evil Dark Ghoul. Visit the games official site www.citymayorgames.wix.com/wmmgame,, Visit our main website www.citymayorgames.wix.com/home,, E-Mail us at citymayorgames@hotmail.com, Follow our tweets @citymayorgames and subscribe to either our YouTube, ModDB, Gamejolt or our Steam group, just search "CityMayorGames". Please comment and like!

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