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As you know, the game has been on hold due to numerous reasons. The most apparent reason is the scripting and mapping, as well as art. Therefor, i have decided to cut certain features, although it pains me to do so.

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-Weapons and armor will be cut down to special and/or unique items. They can be upgraded, but most of character development will go into stats. This is due to art limitations and script complexity.

-facial portraits will be unavailable for certain characters as the neccesary artwork is hard to produce. Most females will have facial portraits and the main character.

-Monsters will be mini characters instead of portrait monsters due to limited artwork.

This list will be modified and changed as the game progresses. I will continue to post features that are to be cut from the game periodically. However, if there is someone brave enough to step forth and meet these challenges head on with me, pm me and we shall talk. Features TO BE included will be posted later on.

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