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Comment on what weapon you want to see in GoatRacer

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Please note: They
are pasted in order of when they were suggested by people. Comment on which one you'd want and get to agreement below.
Some of them are simply not possible or are already implemented. Only a few though, so choose wisely.


Ion Cannon: Shoots effective lazor, from front. Uses a lot of battery.

flipper. A pan or flat shaped object comes from under your car
(Forwards mode would use a hydraulic and sideways mode uses axis) and
you position it under theirs and then FLIP! Can be used forwards or

A huge red lightning boxing glove that punches them and temporarily disable their weapons systems as well as bumps then around.

Oil to slipperate roads ("Spray" a texture on the road, make it slippery)

Smoke - smokifies

Simplisticor - a gun attached to the front of the vehicle.

blaster - sound wave gun makes all missiles/landmines/bombs attached to
the vehicles and in the air explode. Extremely expensive. Ammo: 2.

Goo gun - shoots goo balls that slows vehicles down.

Drunken launcher - launches missiles in random directions that swing and turn

Guided missile - missile guided by mouse. Has to be done while driving, so it may be hard.

Shocket launcher - launches three rockets at a time

Mounted shotgun - shotgun that's mounted.

Flamethrower - thows flames

Mortars - go up and down.

of death - slow moving inaccurate expensive blobs of green goo. If
attached to your vehicle the radioactivity slowly drains your health
until your death.

Laser of autumn - laser that's on for 10 seconds. If exposed for the full 10 seconds to the laser you explode.

Grenade launcher - launches 'nades.

Grappling hook - latches onto vehicles for a free ride.

Time dialation 'nade


Rick Roll Gun - Rick Rolls the receiver so they cant see

Standard rockets

Saw blades

Smoke screen.

Hellgoat missile. - Heatseeking, 2 stk

Lambo rambos. - 6 normal missiles

MGSG - Massive Goat Spam Guns - 500 bullets

Classical disasters - Circular bombs with fuses

Ike's spikes - Spikes that puncture tires, slows vehicles down

Sitting Bettys - Jumping bettys that stand still - landmines, 4

Mosquito mines - Mines that attach them selves to the ground, 2

Grease - spikes on wheels puncture other tires.

Death ray - giant ray on hood of car.

Messengers - circular mines that roll after the closest vehicle.

Guided revenge - guided missile fired after death. Kill your killer for extra points/money.

EMP - disables weapons of your opponents. Very expensive, 1 stk. Disabled for 60 seconds.

Pocket rockets - 20 tiny rockets fired simultaneously in every direction.

Retaliation missile - missile fires automatically after the enemy missile making them hit each other - 6stk.

Mounted sniper

Mounted crossbow

Flak cannon

Electric spark gun (gir st√łt)

Boomerang rockets

Laser rifle

Auto laser rifle

Laser shotgun

Laser guided airstrike

A-bomb launcher

Black hole generator

Fire mines

Anti-matter cannon

Black hole generator

Rocket mines



Golden gun


Auto turrets

Gauss rifle

Freeze gun.

Shoop da Woop




Size upgrade 1 (More weapon ammo), Size upgrade 2 (More weapon slots), size upgrade 3 (More ammo and slots)

upgrade 1 (larger/quicker recharge of certain items (Death rays,
compression blasts e.t.c.), Battery upgrade 2 (Same but bigger, better
and more bad ass), Driving generator (Replaces Battery upgrade 1 and 2,
charges when driving instead of over time)

Armor upgrade (Takes
more damage), Shield upgrade (Takes even more damage), deflection ray
(Replaces armor and shield upgrade, deflects 10% of the damage onto
closest vehicle.

Nos 1 (Quicker vehicle), Nos 2 (Even quicker vehicle), Nos 3 (Larger tank.)

Bullet proof tires - self explanatory.

Compression blast - pushes missiles and mines out of the way. Not mosquito mines. Rechargeable. Can also push vehicles.

Deflector - 50% of the bullets that hit the vehicle from machine guns get randomly deflected.

time being Rick Roll'd starts at 3 seconds. Every time you upgrade the
weapon the amount of time of the Rick Roll Increases by 1
second.(Maximum of 5 seconds)

Adds another Ion lazor to back and sides.

Jumper - leaps the vehicle 1 meter into the air to jump over obstacles or avoid gunfire/missiles.

Radioactive protection - protects against radioactive weapons to some extent.

Sound proof - protects against sound waves to some extent.

Hazmat - protects against flames to some extent.


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