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Check out some of the most interesting and ambitious upcoming mods on ModDB for the newly released Mount& Blade II: Bannerlord.

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Kingdoms Of Arda Image 3

A mock up for the upcoming Lord of the Rings themed Kingdoms of Arda Bannerlord mod.

The day has finally arrived, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord has released into early access on PC. After several years of waiting, longtime fans of the series are riding through the new Calradia and discovering all the new features and delights it has to offer.

Although there are many more features and content planned to come to Bannerlord over the course of its continued development and time in early access, there’s one feature we’re sure you’re probably missing most. That’s right, unfortunately there are currently no official mod tools available for the game, and TaleWorlds haven’t decided yet whether they will release them while the game is still in early access.

This might mean some of the grander mods already planned by mod teams on ModDB for Bannerlord over the years, likely won’t be released for a while yet. But despite this we wanted to give a spotlight to a few that we can’t wait to see more of as their teams get their hands on Bannerlord and start properly getting stuck into development!

AWOIAF: The Known World

Golden Company

Following the many years of hard work on the Warband version, the creator behind the AWOIAF mod is planning to bring the world of Game of Thrones to Bannerlord. Continuing the focus on the TV series, The Known World will utilise as much of the Warband version as possible, hopefully speeding up the development for the new version.

It sounds like the creator will have much more help this time around, including interestingly the modder who was originally planning their own GoT total conversion mod for Bannerlord in Mount & Blade: Westeros. Given the popularity of the Warband version and the growing team behind the new version, it’s definitely a mod worth keeping an eye on.

Monsters' from Men


If after playing the several fantastic Witcher games, watching the recent Netflix TV series and maybe even reading the books, you’re still on the lookout for more Witcher content? Then perhaps seeing the series in a new light in the Monster’s From Men mod might be right up your alley.

Set outside the already established worlds of the game series and novels, this Bannerlord mod aims to explore new land and a unique storyline and characters. Due to a series of awful events, Geralt is dead and the continent is being abandoned by every faction in the search of a new home. It’s a bit of a departure from what you’d expect from a Witcher themed mod, but one we’re excited to see more of. As much as we love Geralt, we also generally love the themes and the world of the Witcher series and seeing it from a new perspective could be a nice revamp.

Kingdom Under Fire: Bersia at War


We’re just as hyped to see all the niche mods that come from the Bannerlord modding scene, with Kingdom Under Fire: Bersia At War being an early contender in this category. A singleplayer total conversion mod which aims to give the dark fantasy Kingdom Under Fire universe new life. The modder aims to bring much of what you expect in a total conversion to the mod, including characters, weapons, locations and lore from the series. Although it’s a lesser known franchise, there are several games and plenty of material to pull from to hopefully create a mod with a rich world to explore.

The Way Of The Sword


The Way Of The Sword is a Japanese themed mod planned for Bannerlord which is all about bringing the rich history of the land of the rising sun to the game. You can expect to start as a small clan and use politics, intrigue and force to conquer the country of Japan, all with Japanese themed units, armour, weapons and more. But importantly, a big focus of this mod is around ensuring the combat is authentic to the era, with custom katana fighting animations and unique combat techniques to utilise. Bannerlord’s improved and more detailed combat system will likely lend itself well to a mod with this focus, so here’s hoping we’ll see more updates to the project before long.

Kingdoms of Arda

Arda Map

It just wouldn’t be right unless someone wasn’t planning a Lord of the Rings themed mod for Bannerlord. Thankfully, the Kingdoms of Arda mod is aiming to do exactly that! The planned features include a Middle Earth oriented campaign, a story mod letting you play as your favorite character from the books and films and 35+ factions to battle and work with.

Along with known authentic lords and characters, troops, weapons and more from the works of Tolkien, it’s an ambitious mod without a doubt. But we’ve seen it done before in mods for previous M&B titles and given the planning the team behind Arda have already done, it’ll be interesting to see if they’re able to achieve all their goals (we certainly hope so!).

We hope this list and the dozens of other Bannerlord mods already planned have given you plenty to look forward to in the future! If you’re planning your own Bannerlord mod and want a place to host it, be sure to create a profile for it on ModDB.

To coincide with the release of M&B II: Bannerlord this week, we’ve been celebrating the 10th anniversary of Mount and Blade: Warband on ModDB. Check out our feature highlighting some of the most popular and best Warband mods on ModDB over the past decade here.

We hope you’ve already been enjoying your time back in Calradia and look forward to all the mods we’ll be enjoying with you in Bannerlord in the coming years!


Great article!
As a member of the Kingdoms of Arda mod team - I would like to remind people that mod tools are not out yet (if they didn't read that). So the release of early access, doesn't make much of a difference for us now. We will continue as before and make concept art, 3d models and plan. When mod tools finally get released - please arm yourselves with patience. It will take us several months to release version 0.1 and it will 'only' focus on a small area of the map: The so called GRIM factions (Gondor, Rohan, Isengard and Mordor).

Thank you and kind regards

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Thanks for letting us know, sounds like a good plan.
The people who started mods for M&B2; years ago seemed like hopeless dreamers to me but finally the hopes and efforts of so many teams will come to fruition. I hope the mod tools release asap, who really cares about that land Calradia anyway :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

Preciate Yours and all other modders efforts in these dark times

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Take your time and thanks for the great work you´re doing !

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Fantastic article!

It is nice to see so many people coming together to create something true and unique to them.

I'm the Kingdom Under Fire: Bersia at War Head Developer here, I would just like to echo what Macbeth has stated that obviously without modding tools as of yet most of my mods works will be in the refining stage, and cleaning up
the assets that I have, as well as cataloguing everything to help speed up the process of creating this mod when the modding tools are released.

When they do it will be several months before an early Alpha will even be showed. These things take time and great patience, but in the meantime you all have something to look forward with all of the great mods that will be coming to Bannerlord.

Thank you to everyone for all the great support showed, and I wish you all a lovely day, stay safe and take care :)

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I hope I see a Victorian era mod, I always wanted one for singleplayer in Warband. Maybe this time people'll flush out the gunpowder era more!

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Great post. Can't wait to play bannerlord

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Way of the sword creator here, thanks a lot for the shoutout

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