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Post feature RSS Tower Rush Build 3.29 introduces enemy ranks!

In this large patch we introduce enemy ranks as well as some minor tweaks and new power ups.

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Lot's of exciting changes are in for Tower Rush. The game is currently slated as 'coming soon' on Steam with an expected early-access date of late May 2021.

You can Wishlist the game on Steam here:

Loads of features in our updates as usual, but here are the highlights!

- Reworked enemy spawning functionality. Excluding bosses, enemies now may display a star rank next to their health that indicates if they have grown stronger during battle.
- At the start of each stage, most enemies will not have a star rank but as you progress and get closer to conquering towers, you will find that enemies will get stronger over time.
- The longer a stage takes to win, the harder it may get to defeat it.
- Added counters for each class type that indicates how many of that type of class is alive in battle.

enemy upgrades banner

Gold Rate:
- Increased income rate slightly for income ranks 2 to 10.
- Decreased income upgrade required for income ranks 2 to 10.

- Increased Cleric hire cost from 15 to 17 gold.

- Increased Durheim's unlock cost to 8000 gems.


- Threats now have knockback (similar to archer units).
- Increased armor of stage bosses 22 through 29.

- Slightly reduced income given from killing enemies.

Threats (bosses):
- Increased armor of all bosses slightly.

- Fixed description of 'Jimmy Jangles' to mention spellcasters specifically.

- New Favor, Displace: Instantly send all enemies back to their towers.
- New Favor, Heavenly Sword: Send 10 magical swords from the sky to damage normal enemies for 35% of their health.

Unit Cap:
- The further you upgrade your cap limit, the greater the increase:
- Cap Rank 1, 2, and 3 allow 3 extra units each.
- Cap Rank 4, 5, and 6 allow 4 extra units each.
- Cap Rank 7, 8, and 9 allow 5 extra units each.
- Cap Rank 10 allows 7 extra units, for a total of 45 units.

- Fixed leaderboards from being draggable.
- Lowered sensitivity on leaderboards to allow better scrolling with mouse wheel.

Site: Megaglope.com

Twitter: Twitter.com

Discord: Discord.gg

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