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Post feature RSS Timberborn Receives mod.io Support & A Mapping Competition With 3000 Euro Prize Pool

Timberborn is receiving mod support powered by mod.io, and to encourage their community to dig in, they're putting 3000 Euros up for grabs in a competition!

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Timberborn, debut indie title of developers Mechanistry and which sees you run a society of intelligent beavers after a world apocalypse, has just received mod support powered by mod.io. That's not all though - to encourage newcomers into the fray, a mapping competition with three prizes of a thousand euros each is now up. Read on to learn more about the game, its modding solution, and how to take part in the competition!

Timberborn is the debut title of Mechanistry, and is described as a "Lumberpunk" city builder. Humans are long gone and that leaves animals to pick up the pieces and make of the world what they will. In this case, beavers are front-and-centre, using their innate knowledge of woodworking and a healthy dose of futuristic intelligence to rekindle society in the face of environmental disasters, droughts, and resource management.

irrigation1920x1080In Timberborn, players will have to manage a settlement of
futuristic beavers experienced in woodworking

Timberborn's maps and varied gameplay loops each provide unique challenges and many hours of fun for those looking to master its mechanics. For those who never want the challenge to end, a new innovation - custom map support, hosted by mod.io - has just landed, and will permit players to create their own environments to test their resolve and that of other players. Other mods adjusting gameplay mechanics, though not as intended by the game's developers, are also facilitated on mod.io.

Players can choose to affiliate with either the nature loving
Folktails or industrious Iron Teeth and get two distinct play styles

City builders with an end point objective like Timberborn really benefit from custom maps that allow even experienced players to shake up the gameplay loop. It may have been a while, as with any new tool, before substantial content was on the table, but Mechanistry have decided to take matters into their own hands and kick off a new mapping competition with a nice cash prizes up for grabs, which is sure to galvanise the community into getting to grips with the new tools.

Timberborn places an emphasis on vertical city-building and planning around heights of structures

3000 Euros is up for grabs, in bunches of 1000 apiece, for three winners of the mapping competition. Three categories - for small, medium, and large maps respectively, and entrants can put forwards as many possibilities as they like (but as to be expected, quality beats quantity here). Winners will also get a special role on the game's Discord, and a place in the credits of their very own.


Players must regulate more than just the basic needs of their beaver buddies,
as unhappy beavers will be less likely to co-operate and be productive

The competition kicked off on January 31, 2023, at 2:30pm UTC, and will end on February 28, 2023, at 11pm UTC. That gives players the full month of February to dig into Timberborn and carve out an excellent entry to Mechanistry's competition.

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