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Why we love & despise LORD OF CHEESEBURGERS at the same damn time...

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Hello World, name is Daye Williams, Representing SODAPOP, we're (kinda, sorta) proud to introduce SUPER LORD OF CHEESEBURGERS, truth be told we kinda hate this game, but cherish & love it. This the 2nd iteration of Lord of Cheeseburgers, a project that has been a curse mark on my life for the past couple of years.

All started in 2009 when I wanted to take up Game Development, where Lord of Cheeseburgers was just a scribble in the notebook. Plan like many, was to start small, but no one could prepare for feature creep (other than your imagination). Fast forward, Mobile Gaming had taken the market by storm while Portals were slowing influence. Lord of Cheeseburger had always been planned as a way to get my foot in the door for the goal of working on stronger projects.

Though that's the first lesson in Game Dev; Nothing goes as planned.

Lord of Cheeseburgers was always set to be a small project, but the market changes so swiftly that the format I had in mind was trash at that point. Super Lord of Cheeseburgers is what I wanted to make back in 2014. Its smoother, faster & cleaner, but its been kicking our asses for years.

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