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Collect Ingredients, Craft Burgers, & Outrun Monsters! SUPER LORD OF CHEESEBURGERS is a retro platformer highly influenced by the classic BurgerTime! Where players run & jump to beat the clock to fufill the quota for the fry cook overlords!

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LORD OF CHEESEBURGER started off as a just a drawing in my notebook. It was built/engineered for portals with sites like Newgrounds & Kong. Though had to learn the first lesson in game development; Nothing goes as a planned.

LOC was more stress than its worth haha. Though still admire to this day. No lie, I was too hasty & wanted to produce something I could put my name on, especially with my friends pursuing their goals in college.

LOC was inspired by "Mario Bros Arcade", but the biggest surprise was discovering "BurgerTime!", it was pretty funny coming across this classic Atari game i never knew about loll. It was reassuring know a project I was creating was already in the works & had a fanbase I could appeal to.

Producing LOC was tough, especially taking away features to reach a release window. More to discuss later, why not play here!! Gamejolt.com


The Curse of LOC

The Curse of LOC


Why we love & despise LORD OF CHEESEBURGERS at the same damn time...

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