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An aerial on-rails shooter where the world morphs and animates to music. Substream is released today for Windows PC.

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I'm super happy to tell you that Substream is finally released to the world! Substream is an abstract aerial on-rails shooter for Windows PC.

Substream Website

It's been a long journey but I've definitely reached a point when I feel like this game is solid. Technically the custom engine works well and it's been played by several beta testers. And the game itself is well rounded and fun!...

Animated to Music ► Pilot alien aircraft as you fly through a world that constantly pulses and morphs with the rhythms, moods and melodies of the soundtrack. Each of the six levels are inspired by the soundtrack, which includes jazz, tribal, techno and funk. The terrain, sky and your enemies are all synchronzied to music by artists such as Souleye (VVVVVV) and Floex (Machinarium, Samarost 3).

Looped Space ► Experience airborne combat in looped space, where your attackers appear in multiple positions ahead of you. Look to the sides and you'll see copies of your aircraft like a squadron stretching off to infinity. You can attack the same enemy in multiple directions and they can do the same to you, but destroy one and you destroy the chain.

Aerial Combat ► In each level you fly over a landscape shooting down robotic alien drones, collecting weapons and scoring points, surviving until the end of the tune. Pick up railguns, pipe bombs and homing missiles. The two aircraft represent two different difficulty levels, each with their own weapon and control style.

Substream Winner EP Soundtrack ► Beat the game with both aircraft to unlock the Substream Winner EP, a collection of MP3s from the game soundtrack that are installed direct to your music folder.

Substream Website


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