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Read up on how to submit your game or mod trailer to the ModDB YouTube.

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We’ve got exciting news for mod developers and indie game makers alike - as of today you can submit your mod or game trailer to us to go on the ModDB YouTube! We feel this would be an awesome way to give promising mods and games a little boost, and we’d love to support the work of other developers with the channel.

How to submit

It’s very simple to submit a video - just email david@dbolical.com with your trailer! We’ll be picking ones that show off a lot of interesting concepts, so make sure to get it looking great! We may also reach out to certain indie and mod developers to cross-post onto the channel, so if you’re a watcher and not a developer, stay tuned for great new mods and indie games on show!


Please note that whilst we will be happy to show trailers for games/mods aimed at a more mature audience - violent or scary, for example - we won’t be airing trailers for games with sexually explicit, racially charged, or otherwise unsuitable content. If in doubt, check the ModDB terms of use. Also, your game/mod must be hosted on ModDB or IndieDB - we won’t be doing outside promotion. It’s easy to make a page on either platform - you can reach out to me via the email above or on the website if you need help setting up a profile.


We’re looking forward to seeing all the awesome trailers you guys submit! Don’t forget to check out the other videos on our channel for quality mod countdowns if you’re looking to spice up your mod catalogue. See you soon!


CooL NEWS! Great Iniciative.

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