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Some basic tips on how to quickly win against the Bugs.

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SST:LD Tips by Myles Lambert


First i would just like to thank you for having a look at the SST:LD tips and tricks. I have written this so you can get the most out of SST:LD. This is aimed at the Human side as the bug side is better played by the computer.

Getting Started

So you have you three builders, get one of them to start collecting the closest resource and then get on of the other two to build a few walls around where that person is collecting. With the last person start building a barracks then a basic turret nearby. Then use all you resources by building as many builders as possible and send them all to start collecting. The guy that just built the walls should start building more walls enclosing the camp. As soon as the barracks is built, build 10 Troopers and later on build 2 commanders. Move these to the next nearest resource and get the builder that just built the basic tower to build another tower next to it. Then carry on moving your army and that builder untill you own all the resources close by, leaving your base well defended. Then start building 3 builders for each of you resources that you own.



Use these only in places that are important or are getting frequently attack. Use the class of turret to match the importance of the area and by the amount of money you have.


Walls do not need to be built like they do in traditional RTS games. The enemy will always go for the nearest unit. So if a wall is in the way of a worker, it will go for the wall first, which will take it along time to destroy. The best thing to use these when you are getting attacked frequently is to place a trooper behind it with the stand ground command (needs to be upgraded).


Mines are similar to walls. I would suggest only building these when you are in a hurry to get some defenses up that can do some damage. One of these can take down 1 big and if you are lucky maybe even 2. They are very cheep and like the walls the bugs will go straight for them.


Troopers are not very good when it comes to fighting back the bugs, you would do better to use some tanks. Use the troopers and builders first to build some towers and mines near the enemy base then build a few landing pads. Build 2 Machine gun Tanks and 1 Rocket Tank per landing pad (needs upgrading). Leave the rocket tank near the back with the towers and move the machine gun tanks and the troopers towards the base. The bugs will attack allot at first use the tanks to stop them. If any larger bugs attack simply move the Rocket Tank to take it out then move it back again. Be careful though the Rocket tank can do allot of damage to other units. Continue doing this un till you are at the base. Now move forward the rocket trooper and take out the defenses then simply swarm the base until everything is dead. Watch out of other chariot bugs and that they don't escape, this is the reason for building defense towers.

Good Luck!

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