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Updated superhero game prototype with download. Full patch notes and changes for Spryward Prototype V8.

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Spryward Prototype V8

Here's a video preview of some changes to the Spryward Prototype :

What I've been working on :

  • Added multiple songs from the soundtrack to loop during the city level
  • Got the linux build setup on Steam
  • Added a pause menu
  • Added an options menu
  • Adjusted aerial attack frame time
  • Extended the city map to be larger
  • Improved camera optimization
  • Fov slider in options
  • FPS limiter in options
  • UI disabler in options
  • Music disabler in options
  • Updated animations
  • Increased base jump height
  • Fixed bug where aerials and normal jumps would stack
  • You can now climb walls by holding the swing button while sliding


Prototype controls :

Keyboard Controls :

Escape - Menu
Arrow keys - Movement
Z - Attack
X - Electromagnetism Ability
C - Swing
Hold C while sliding to scale walls
Space - Jump

Generic Controller Controls :

Start- Menu
Left Stick - Movement
B - Attack
Y - Electromagnetism Ability
X - Swing
A - Jump
Right Bumper - Aerials
Hold X while sliding to scale walls

Spryward Prototype 8 Gif 3

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