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The features and game mechanics that make up Pliza Online

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Pliza Online's Feature List

- A world rich in detail
- Vast amounts of detail put into each piece of content
- 4 Player Parties with shared EXP!
- 50 Player Guilds with Rankings and Guild levels already coded
- Dozens of Quests
- Over 10 hours of Content
- Trainable stats like Attack, Archery, Endurance, Sorcery and Alchemy
- 5 PvP arena's all of which have unique terrains and game-play mechanics built in
- A server boasting space for up to 500 players!
- A musical score fit for the areas they play in
- Dynamic combat with Abilities, Buffs and Magic
- Bosses with Dynamic Boss chambers
- Events set around Easter, Halloween and Christmas
- A community and Developers who truly care about your opinion
- Much much more to come!

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