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Photon - Graphics (I generation ready). Uses OpenGL library; full support for drawing physics elements.

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XenoN Core Chaos Module

This module is used to render the OpenGL library, which in future will allow the engine to use on other platforms. The engine supports the following things:

  • Basic drawing functions (primitives: vertex, normal, (multi-)texture coords, fog coords).
  • Shared Render Targets.
  • Pixel buffers (surfaces for drawing; dynamic textures).
  • Shaders (XESL(Xeeff) / ARB program).
  • XET (32bit, 4-channel) textures.
  • Display lists (quick model drawing).
  • Render matrix transformations.
  • Drawing elements of Chaos module.

The combination of the Chaos and Photon modules (in two-dimensions), this movie shows in best way:

  • UPDATE: 04.09.2009

Afew screenshots of some of the effects offered by the engine. Still I create new effects.
Cartoon (prototype), Black & White, Waves, Gaussblur (as bloom) (prototype), Inversion, Gray scale, Bump/Normal Mapping, Hologram, Refraction Mapping (Click to resize):

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So this is a module for your engine that is based off of OpenGL, correct? It would do you well to proofread your articles from the perspective of someone who knows absolutely nothing. When I first read this article it was hard to understand what I was reading because I did not read your engine's summary. I read only the article.

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