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Post feature RSS Persuadraton - most powerful weapon in the world?

In this article we will learn what is most powerful weapon in the world of Paradigms. Or... if that is impossible, we will at least have a detailed look at maybe not so unique, yet quite not common item: THE PERSUADRATON.

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PERSUADRATON creation has been inspired by researching ancient culture. NecroCorp. scientist, prof. Ulgo Hazenstein founded trail of a very efficient weapon, the Persuadraton. It was founded in video relations, of ancient civilization. It is unknown if it was recording of our ancestors doing their ritual activities (theory of ritual symbolism by dr, Stoch Habnug), or it was fictional story that was played by them for some reasons.

What is important, however, is a fact that world after PERSUADRATON is not same. Now, skilled hacker can get through your cheap firewall and easily manipulate. That is why all creatures should JOIN NECROCORP. To provide peace and stabilization.

How persuadraton works? It happens on three levels. First, physical contact is needed. By touching enemy with persuadraton, you allow to pass hacking data shock to enemy organism. Please, remember that this is hand tool, so persuadraton power is taken from YOUR BODY. That means, that your skills, especially MANIPULATION, HACKING, ENGINEERING are essential.


Data shock may be imagined as attempt of manipulation. Skill of manipulation and your charisma are most important. Data shock - digital impression of your power has to be bigger than your enemy's.

LEVEL 2 - Persuadraton connecting to central nervous system

If your data shock disable enemy, information, the virus can go through. However now it has to beat your enemy's organism's immunology system. Victim's body fights test, where most important are its body building and strength.

LEVEL 3 - Persuadraton connected and starting HACKING

When PERSUADRATON data pulse finally gets into organism, hacking procedure starts. You engineer skill, and hacking of course is most important. Intelligence is vital as well. To hack enemy your hacking power has to be bigger than enemy's... and that's it!

You have your own puppet! It will take orders from you.

You are one of our most valuable agent around Niniwa, so please be careful. When in town, or in other civilized area don't even try using persuadraton. Not without sneaking while crouching at least.

You have probably already contacted videodrome agents. Please stand off, do not approach. They are above our jurisdiction. Their way of manipulation involves heavy hallucinations in victims, but it stays with them too. We all heard their credo Long Live Videodrome! that meakes creatures shake, but we need them to be on our side.

Be advised: we have information about several cases of noble creatures being more resistant to the whole process. Also, with regret, we have to admit, that Biotecs due to their unique body composition are around 30% more resistant to manipulation.

And last and certainly not least: have you seen this ad? It is NOISEWAVE, a device that improve persuading resistance!

golden soundwave

We don't know who is this 'Resistance' and how they cracked our equipment, but this is serious problem to our corporation. We cannot allow creatures get access to it. We already notified loose in creatures ready to join our ranks. We need to keep instability and fear, otherwise we can loose control over important resources. We need creatures to be afraid, only then we can safely limit their rights without of fear of revolt.

We have already sent numerous agents to other centers, your mission is to reach Niniwa a.s.a.p. and wake up all your sleepers. We want them find out how local merchant got access to this equipment. Don't reveal your identities, we need you incognito till our military force arrival.

This message will delete itself from your brainHD in 4...3...2...1...0

[upcoming in 1.99.3]

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