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This article presents new features of Paradigm Worlds: We, the Creatures! mod for MB:Warband. FEATURES CATEGORY: STORY & OTHER FEATURES

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This article presents new features of Paradigm Worlds: We, the Creatures! mod for MB:Warband. FEATURES CATEGORY: STORY & OTHER FEATURES

Paradigm Worlds: ERAS [concept graphic]

  • ENTER THE STORY - Scenario eras, dedicated special units, Hell mode
    • When you start a new game you decide WHEN you want to be, you choose era.
    • Each era has it's own character:
      • set of main and minor factions
      • it's own heroes
      • even lord's and center's names
      • center's placement on the world map (!)
      • special faction troops dedicated only to this specific era
      • power balance and geopolitical situation
      • battle play-style, rules, conditions
      • Outlaws and Commoners start with at least one center, there are scenarios when they do start with more than couple towns and castles
      • minor factions designed in respect for theme/setting
    • MORE DETAILS - see [here]

  • KUMITE FULL CONTACT TOURNAMENT - name inspired (little bit) of Tournament where all creature fight for REAL! Which means they do not use traditional tournament equipment, but their own.
    • Both tournaments [traditional and kumite] have been slightly re-designed [so far there are no cases of any crash!]
    • Player has to spend money and renown to take apart and bet
    • Player - if he owns the town - may organize (and should, to make citizens occupied!) both competitions

Paradigm Worlds: Points of Interest

  • POINTS OF INTEREST - Paradigm Worlds are overfilled with various anomalies (aka 'anomalities'). They come from odd physics distortions, some are effect of radiation, or mutation. Points of interests - a new encounter on world's map - offer a new short story minigames of various sorts.
    • Stick and carrot balance
    • Stick, danger - player party may be attacked by virus or bacteria, troops can be wounded, or turn into zombies or mutants or go crazy
    • Carrot, treasures - player may find precious items like equipment that may be used in future to train army or extract mutagen or create healing drugs
    • There are separate stories for LAND and OCEAN landmarks. SEA encounters have very good prices, but are more dangerous, and can destroy party morale within few bad choices
    • Minigames are based on basic choices, sometimes on luck, sometimes on strategic decision, for instance if you find a good hunting spot and decide to send party on expedition, you will become vulnerable and can be surprised by potential enemy on world map

drones over Havi havi desert

  • FLYING DRONES and SUMMONERS - Paradigm World welcomes new warfare weapons, and new doctrines. There are some units, elite troops, that are in power of calling instant reinforcements during battle.
    • Powerful Eagle Drones can be summoned by elite troops of Lost Legion. Drones can fire light smg and can fly. (That makes them quite strong if auto-fire is ON, and less if OFF)
    • Engineers elite troops can call Sentry Drone, a small flying probe that uses light energy weapon
    • Liches can call additional skeleton to a battlefield. Their more powerful undead version can even call large groups of skeleton warriors.

  • TRADING WITH CARAVANS - Hitchcock once said, that film is a life without boring parts. So, to make life even more interesting, now meeting is a new opportunity! Encountered caravans will trade with player weapons, armors, just like town merchants!

Paradigm Worlds: Ambush Operation

    • Order Troops sent to help will join battles and sieges
    • Help-system based on system enemy of my enemy is my friend. Factions will help you if you are in good relations with them, or join enemy if they hate you
    • Towns and Castles come with help to battles close to centers - which is a very important fact:
      • May be used against centers, best choice if you want avoid siege. You 'just' have to ambush lord visiting or leaving town. If you ambush lord close enough - town or castle will send garrison with help. It is easier to take them down while outside center walls and then besiege weakened center... or even take it without a fight, if you annihilate enemy in open field battle first.
      • You can use military equipment and prepare an ambush using new camp menu, and then [Tactical operations] ->[Try to hide your army] option. For next 24 hours - if player succeeds with ambush operation - party will be invisible to all enemies in the close radius.

This article is a part of main presentation of Paradigm Worlds: We, the creatures!

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