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PARADIGM WORLDS: MAJOR FACTIONS / NATIONS - Encyclopedia This page presents concept of faction and nation.

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In Paradigm Worlds, there are approximately 30 factions each with its unique philosophy and composition of humans and/or animals. At the start of each game, the world map is comprised of 6 major factions, along with numerous minor factions. Each major faction represents a nation with a defined number of citizens who are loyal to their government. The government is usually comprised of a main ruler and 20 major officials such as lords, generals, and secretaries. These factions govern towns and castles, engage in diplomacy and politics, and sometimes plot against one another.

Paradigm Worlds: Major Nations / Factions

CREATURES' DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF MORLOK – This faction is a totalitarian regime that follows a Victorian era philosophy.

NECROCORP SYNDICATE – This faction is composed of undead creatures who have access to futuristic technology and are organized as corporate syndicates.

ALIEN SHOGUNATE This faction consists of space aliens who have taken on the governance style of a Japanese shogunate.

FANTASY MAGIOUCRACY – This faction is comprised of elves, orcs, and uruks who have organized themselves into a theocracy where magic is the main religion.

UNITED STATES OF RENAISSANCE – This faction is a human-based nation that takes on the style and philosophy of the Renaissance era.

SANITARIUM CONSPIRACY – This faction is composed of djinnis and humans who have been augmented by futuristic technology and are organized as a theocracy based on conspiracy theories.

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