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This article is a part of PARADIGM WORLDS Encyclopedia. It presents major factions of the PARADIGM WORLDS: NECROCORP

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This article is a part of PARADIGM WORLDS Encyclopedia. It presents core factions of the PARADIGM WORLDS in year 6077 - Classic Paradigm Worlds Scenario.


Megacorporation resourcing power from research of death

necrocorp paradigm worlds

This picture shows faction's towns, castles, their names. It also lists most important creatures, their ranks, position in system.

f2 r ceo nocton necrocorp

This is NecroCorp Syndicate ruler, CEO Nocton. He is Chairman of all Committees, absolute director of all operations, Ultimate Aposthol. In the background banner of Necrocorp and symbol of Videodrome.

NECROCORP and Videodrome - Origins

NECROCORP is not just corporation, it is first corporation-religion, as it expects from personel [citizens] to subdue to concept of VIDEODROME.

Around 5700AD Necrocorp territory was inhabited by people organized as Weimear Reich, quasi-medieval, warlike nation of knights. In 5704AD a group of 12 lords met in Walburg Cave near Loki to plot against ruling Kanzler. However, by an accident they found remains of ancient technology, for some reason sealed and hidden deep. For next few years new artifacts were dug from ground and decyphered.

In short, technology based on tele-vision, a moving screen, allowed 'download' mind of any living creature to a vessel, that can be something between library for its owner and swimming pool for a donator. Process of 'uploading' is conducted during watching hypnotizing pictures in special box, or in helmet on head. Process may take months, but usually even years. At the end it causes near-death state, after which consciousness translates into a vessel.

Such was beginning of cult of the Videodrome. Lords started to encourage people to watch moving pictures, slowly addicting them to odd new custom.

In 5707AD new technology was revealed to Kanzler and rest of the lords. In that moment new religion had already more than 1000 believers, and 23 'donators' - creatures that uploaded themselves into a 'vessel'. In following day shocking details have been revealed: people that donate themselves, do not entirely lose their bodies. They undergo process of translation. Victim turns into animal-like rotting body, then turns into a skeleton and slowly develops new consciousness as new, not-living organism.

In next days Temple of Videodrome was accused of forcing people to euthanasia, mind exploitation, treason of state. Next day civil war become a fact. One day there will be a time to describe what exactly happened, and how Videodrome side won, and in couple centuries Weimear Reich made amazing technological leap. It will be a story about how group of brave scientists after decades of secret tests discovered that new undead or not-living creatures are indeed controlled by microscopic fungoidal forms of life. Like another war between human and not-living ended - after 80 years - with a truce, that was supposed bring peace forever. Between people and not-living.

To preserve peace - and ensure both forms of life will have equal rights and responsibilities, that will cooperate in new world reality, and to assimilate both 'races' - a new state was summoned to life. Vidmark League, a self-governing pure capitalistic country which new ideas and culture where build based on concept of private possession, and personal wealth. No race, or background, only skill and personal wit - and naturally good birth, in some occasions; a chance for everyone in a new perfect world. First CEO of a new country become not-living Weimhard dau Bannd, from dau Bannd family, which ancestor was amongst 12 lords that made discovery in Walburg cave centuries earlier. It was 5786AD.

Now, there is year 6077AD and Vidmark League is long time gone.

Now it is time of NECROCORP, authoritarian corporation regime controlling every aspect of citizen-worker life. Control is conducted by all-time neuro-link into NecroCorp VR-net, which is run by central unit that many years ago was a Holy Vessel of Videodrome. Now, it contains thousands, maybe millions of minds of various creatures and living organisms. Even most privileged elite is under constant corporate control.

Citizens are mindnumbed by VR Shows, very addictive entertainment, played for free in Temples of Videodrome. Personal Vr-sets are subsidized by Syndicate.

However, Syndicate itself become decadent. Overgrowing administration demands new resources, and supply of 'viewers' is not limitless. NecroCorp - officially united - practically is divided into departments, personal zones of influence of always power-hungry directors. Almost each of them has its own private unit of spies, agents. They are used for inside jobs too, send to steal technology or industrial secrets from rival department.

CEO Nocton is a first living human ruler from over a century. After painful lost of hegemony status in recent years, economic problems, and more common escapes and desertions of citizen-workers from this highly-secured state-company board of chairman decided that blood is needed and fresh look of living may be a remedy for incoming crisis.

The year is 6077AD.

Necrocorp power comes from good training of regular soldiers, dead or halfdead, zombies and their incarnations as core, while highly advanced in technological equipment spies, agents, corrupted diplomats, priests of Videodrome, VR Evangelists plot and weave sophisticated intrigues and illegal operations in surgical, asymmetric operations.

fac2 troops Paradigm Worlds NecroCorp


"Videodrome" I see you're a man of culture as well karolgrodecki :D

really trippy and interesting movie, one of my sci-fi favourites together with Event Horizon and old Blade Runner.

The scene where he puts hands into his own belly was really uncomfortable af, haha

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karolgrodecki Author

This is secret main thread for the whole existence of Paradigm Worlds. I think Videodrome is really important if you take another perspective. Yes, that scene (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIjR-klrK8o) inspired me, like the whole movie.

But - D. Cronenberg is a man of literature really and like Philip K. **** hides important messages in form of usually not taken seriously. For **** it was scifi, Cronenberg used horror.

Now - my focus is more on idea of Videodrome itself.
New reality, that will dissolve human being.

This new reality - Cronenberg's Videodrome - It will demoralize or wider: it will strip everything from its meaning. Remember? -> Story in 1 sentence: Action is triggered when main character crosses Rubikon of morality, he is interested in taboo - death as entertainment, pirate tv channel.

So idea of dissolving consciousness in new reality is what I would call The Essence of the movie, or Cronenberg's idea.

By the way - next Cronenberg's movie - follow exactly that thread - I mean eXistenZ [https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120907/?ref_=nm_knf_i3]

One more thing about Videodrome. James Woods gave excellent performance in this movie, he was like a Harrison for a Blade Runner. I couldn't imagine that movie without him.

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