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This article is dedicated to a concept of free, open, rpg system, that can be used by anyone.

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This article presents idea of open role playing system than being designed for Paradigm Worlds, is supposed to work for any game environment from tabletop to advanced crpg simulation.

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to create FREE OPEN PROJECT Role Playing System that could be used to playing tabletop games and could be used in mods or games. It is also a challenge - a question to us all - how can we describe ourselves? By using what kind of values? Statistics? Traits?

First ideas:

  • I would like this system to be accurate, but fun.
  • system should be modular, to be flexible enough to be used by basic games and complex enough to cover high data simulations
  • system should be realistic - for instance range damage cannot be linked to physical stat because that does not make sense
  • reasonable
  • easy to play, on basic level with piece of paper and pencil
  • again: flexible - in meaning that it has to cover various time eras, creatures, items, etc.
  • easy to adapt -
  • based on hard choices - creatures can never be perfect in everything, the greater hero, the bigger weakness he hides?
  • rpg system is not supposed to be just stats mechanic, in future it should be expanded by samples of rpg adventures, tips and trick for game masters, or creators, players... etc.
  • however, it needs solid foundation, and that why first focus is on stat system

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ROADMAP - how System will be developed?

STAGE 1 - Research - gather data, consider biology, spiritual (?)world, psychology, time etc. Make first conclusions and propositions. [DONE]

STAGE 2 - Build basic systems and play-test in real production

STAGE 3 - Stabilize all data stats, (decide which ones are necessary and which not), tweak, modularize

STAGE 4 - Build sub-modules, expansions covering exceptional ideas, for instance world in 10000AD works different than in 6077 or 2021.

STAGE 5 - Fill with content. Open RPG has to work with any 'setting' but to make mechanic alive it will be 'linked' to a Paradigm Worlds and its Encyclopedia. This way it will make complete system, Ready-to-use in any game or mod.

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  • First wave of Research - STAGE 1 - DONE / IN DEVELOPMENT. Ready to publish first conclusions. There are still some questions to answer, but at least we know what questions ask.

See Research Page

  • Developing level 0 - tabletop non-dice role playing system
  • Preparing for STAGE 2 - playtest in real-production

Open RPG System should be created by open discussion. Research page shows some basic concepts, but YOUR opinion and ideas are crucial. Maybe you are not Paradigm Worlds player, or you joined recently, so let me tell, that massive amount of PW features were made, because people asked me to do them. In this perspective players can have impact on finished shape of any project. It is very important because after all it is not some abstract mechanic. It should be fun system, with a lot of interaction.

I encourage everyone to comment, place suggestions, ideas. I remind You that everyone is allowed to post articles, but if you have even small suggestions it is worth to say something. Also if you want to take main part in creating system, you are welcome on board.

Final exam for system will be any real project. We will see to that too.

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Open Free Role Playing System concept is to be useful to creators like you. To make it easier making new things. If you have any ideas how this project can be improved - let me know in comments, or by message.

If you are interested in Paradigm Worlds project, you can check HELP page or MEDIA for support.

By the way - to make it clear - FREE in the name of system refers to that you can use it as you wish for free. We appreciate if you credit us, but this is not mandatory as well. This system may be used in commercial projects, and again everything in 100% belongs to You, its creators.

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