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At long last, we release the details of what weapons the modification will contain. Some weapons may be dropped by release, depending on how much they add to the game. So, read on for more information on what weapons are available for your loadout....

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As the story is set in the 80's, and features British Special Forces, the player has a wide range of equipment open to them - both weapons, and vehicles. However, this feature will focus upon the weapons available to the player throughout the storyline, along with multiplayer.

This list is now final, we probably won't be adding any new pieces to it, as thats when it starts getting a little out of hand, and differences between equipment becomes very minor, and barely noticeable.

Each weapon has advantages, and disadvantages compared to the others. This may be firerate, magazine size, potential damage (Worked out off Calibre, velocity... etc. etc.), accuracy, weight, and concealability. Either way, whatever the player chooses to use, will be more tailored to their personal playstyle due to the large selection of weapons.


  • Smith & Wesson Model 19-5
    This S&W revolver is one of the 2 revolvers available to the player, packing a .38 payload, this revolver is fast, deadly accurate, and is fairly commonplace for the RUC, and some other Police units in the game, along with ULA forces.
    • Webley .455 Revolver
      The Webley .455 is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, with its massive .455 round this weapon is more than capable of cutting down an enemy with a single shot, never mind anyone behind the original target. This is probably the rarest out of the handgun selection, due to the fact it was no longer issued after the late 1920s, but its also something that you don't want to come up against too often, so perhaps its something to be thankful for.
      • Browning Hi-Power
        This pistol is the standard sidearm for the player throughout the game, and is available from the start. Proven time and time again as a reliable, powerful sidearm, its still in use with many countries around the world. This is probably one of the more common pistols available to the player, but that doesn't mean that its not a highly effective weapon - after all, it does have the highest magazine capacity of the pistols.

  • SIG P220
    The P220 is another weapon that is available throughout the game, with the P228 being currently standard issue for special forces units in Afghanistan and elsewhere. This is a good middle ground between the handguns, having a good balance between power, magazine size, and weight.

  • M1911A1
    As a .45 weapon, and a standard firearm of the US Armed Forces, slowly being phased out to be replaced by the Berreta 92, this is also a weapon that will be available to the player, and probably one of the best all rounders, except in regards to the weapons magazine size, and weight. This will likely be available from the start for the player, or relatively near the beginning of the game.

  • Berreta 92
    The Berreta serves as the M1911A1's replacement, and as a result is also widely available. This could be regarded as somewhat similar to the Browning, and SIG pistols, yet is somewhat more bulky than either of them.
    • Makarov PM
      As a USSR sidearm, this is somewhat different to other handguns available to the player, being a completely different calibre, and size, to their other weapons. That said, its still an incredibly accurate weapon up to 50m, and not a weapon to be taken lightly.

    • Welrod
      Being a weapon that has a built in silencer, this is perhaps the most unusual weapons available in the player's arsenal. With a shot being no louder than the clicking of a finger, this is one of the quietest weapons in the world. The only thing quieter is a knife.


chris_sloany - - 2,830 comments

aweosme, and yeah you do have a really big selection of weapons!! good job!! nothing better then a mod with a bunch of kick *** weapons!

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Squiggers Author
Squiggers - - 713 comments

Aye, I'll also be adding images of the weapons, as and when we complete them, along with attachments, etc.

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