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Monster auras will be available within a few days, on all supported platforms!

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Rare and Unique monsters will have the possibility to spawn an Aura, which give a boost to other nearby monsters. This will make some situations even more challenging!

The current list of Auras implemented are:

  • Accurate (gives monsters higher chance to hit you)
  • Extra Strong (more physical damage)
  • Life Regen (regenerates a portion of health every second)
  • Movement Speed (moves a lot faster)
  • Resistant (has increased magical resistance)
  • Stone Skin (has more armor / physical damage reduction)

Other than the auras, there are of course many other buffs that amplify champion, rare and unique monsters!

Try the Nordicandia beta now!

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Steam: Get a code on our Discord
Website: Nordicandia.com
Join us on Discord: Discord.gg

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