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Now anyone, even those with old clunky computers can enjoy Robo's World 3 thanks to three distinct graphics settings!

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Now available in the game's main menu is the ability to change the game's graphical setting. Choose from the minimalist Low, the much better Normal and the particle-crazy High!
There is an exponential decrease in on-screen objects as you turn down the graphical settings.
For example, on Easy difficulty in the first level, there are about 850 onscreen objects on the High setting. On Low, this drops only to 840 objects.
However, on the Hard difficulty setting that has more enemies, there are about 1260 objects! This is then reduced (with the Low setting) to 860 objects!

***Update as of October 16th 2009***
You can now change the graphical settings ANY TIME by opening up the F1 menu. This will be a handy feature for any whose computers can usually handle a high graphics setting but begin to see some lag in enemy infested rooms.
Also note that as of this point, several updates have been made to the game engine to reduce lag.
(Why should enemies produce particles when they're off screen!?)

On a final note, as you may have noticed, Robo's World 3 has a lot of "3" themed things;
3 Files to choose, 3 Difficulties to choose, and now the 3 graphical settings!
There will be more of these significant 3's! (How many? Right now, even I'm not sure!)

Finally I would like to announce that Robo's World 3, DEM02 is nearing completion!
Look forward to it SOON!

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