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8 months after releasing the first version I am happy to release version 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 with Day 1 Patch Improvements. It is available to download for free now and includes both single and multiplayer. The new update includes many new updates, including:

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  • Updated Map - The map from the first version is the same but there are now two small towns, two medium sized cities, and one large city with skyscrapers to explore and loot. All of the towns and cities are connected by a road system.
  • New AI System - One of the major complaints with the first version is that AI was rarely seen. The new update has completely changed the AI system to make it more realistic along with increased encounters. The AI includes three aggressive animals (bear, wolf, and deer) and one passive (doe). The sound system for the AI is also improved. Along with footsteps, you will be able to hear the bear growl and wolf howl when you get close so its easy to be able to hunt them down.
  • Customizable Character - The first version included one player model of a man in a suite. This made it hard to differentiate between different players in multiplayer, so the second version includes a character with customization clothes. Equip new clothes by finding them in chests around the game map.
  • Overhauled UI - The GUI has been updated to make it look more modern. You can also change keybindings along with mouse sensitivity, audio settings, and more in depth video settings now.

Just like the first version, Single Player and Multiplayer (Peer to peer and dedicated server) are available.

Version 2.0.1 Patch Notes

  • Gun accuracy - With 2.0.0 release, the guns did not shoot to where the player was aiming making it near impossible to kill any of the AI or other players. Now, they are a 100% accurate and this is no longer an issue.
  • Bear AI improvements - The bears were able to damage the player even when they were running after them instead of only when attacking, making them near impossible to kill with an axe and hard to defend against. Now, they only damage when playing the attack animation.
  • More AI Spawners - I added 40 additional spawners to the map to increase the chance a player would see them.

Next Version (2.1.0)

I am now working on the next minor update to the game. Additional performance enhancements, loading screens, and map improvements including a new big city along with a wind system are the three priorities. I have also started work on a seasons system, but depending on how big the performance cost is it might not be added. The next update will also introduce a patch system.

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