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Many things have changed, most for the best. Have a look at all the new features that have been implemented today in Mariuccha, Alchemy Queen.

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Mariuccha is almost one month old! Your support has been nothing short of fantastic, but we're far, faaar from done here!
Listed down below is a list of all changes i implemented. Stuff that was mostly supposed to be there to begin with, but that i couldn't insert due to time constraints that I, and only I, ever even cared about in the first place.
By the end of may Mariuccha will also get her own comic book story, that i will link in my next update when it's done. Don't expect the art to look nearly as good as the one in the cover, though. I dind't make that.

New features:

In amounts depending on your current month, each day some Materials in the Buy Room will be randomly rendered Illegal. As such, the only way to purchase them is to first buy a Black Market Token.

You are now given the option to engage in Permadeath mode, meaning that if you get a Game Over your save file will be instantly deleted.

You are now given the option to engage in Free mode, meaning that you can play without Special Requests, dialogues and mechanics changes that depend on the story progression.
All licenses will also be immediately available.

Pre-Run Customization

You can now:

-Select between FREE and STORY mode.
-Select if to activate Permadeath.
-Select the starting month.
-Select if to just ignore the Illegality of a Material.
-Select the option to get a Game Over if you fail enough regular Requests.
-Change the number of regular Requests to fail in order to get a Game Over.
-Change the number of regular Requests available at once.
-Select the option to have no manager.

Balance changes:

-Rewards for regular Requests have been increased.
-Failing a Request now will mean losing only half of the Reward in Kulini, not its entirety.
-Prices for selling an Object have been increased.
-Starting Kulini amount has been increased.

Minor changes:

-New random quotes for Mariuccha have been added.
-The sprite to represent Kulinis in the Turrett Minigame has been changed.
-Sometimes there will be no weekly or daily Material offered in the Buy Room.
-Surprise events can now remove your current manager.
-You can remove your manager for Free on the Manager Change Room that appears every Sunday.
-You can see the amount of Materials you possession in the Create Room.
-Some texts and sprites that weren't properly centered now are.
-The volume of some audio files has been reduced.
-Tutorial section has been updated to incorporate the new rules.
-Main screen has been updated to include my website and a donation button.

Plus a bunch of bug fixes.

PLEASE REMEMBER: the game is still in Early Access! You will most likely find a lot of bugs everywhere, PLEASE report them to me, if you can!
See ya!


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