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Here is a list of known bugs, comment more bere! :)

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  • High level units, cheat levelling doesn't work
  • Tanks are non functional
  • Aircraft are non functional for player, still require auto-resolve and still present in Lord's armies
  • Very dark (this is an easy fix, but darkness is also sort of part of the look so?)
  • Cheat Menu find item returns a lot of bugs, previous mod devs didn't remove redwars items, only removed resources
  • Bandit ambush scene in towns spawns bandits in hard to locate places, but is not game breaking, just inconvenient
  • Helvetian lords, I know, this is an inherited issue from the original redwars


  • Goods graphics don't support transparency, replace with models
  • Rifle textures/models are of variable quality
  • I suspect some of the shot sounds and explosions may be extracted assets (this is being worked on asap, I can create sound assets but please help if you recognise any so we can keep this up)
  • Menu options to hide broken features need editing, removal isn't an option since the artillery does work, very well
  • Removal of all and any 'troubling' content, ie swastikas (it is not historically accurate, and can cause issues for release in Germany)
  • Scenes. These aren't bugs, just rushed with native assets that cause bugs such as characters getting stuck

Added (TBD)


The text does not show for me, do you have any fixes for it or suggestions?

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Can't go inside khergit city street

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with high looter skill you gain a huge amount of pistols looted after combat

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The models for rifles do show

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Here are some I've found:

- Bandit and partisan parties give unholy amounts of military equipment after battle - typically much more than they actually have.
- Bedouin Partisans give rifles equivalent to over 2,000 denars in value overall, pretty imbalanced
- Productive Enterprise scenes are messed up, it's impossible to exit them and the manager isn't there, making it impossible to close down the business and do other activities.
- Renault tanks(the only functional ones) still use the cheering animation after battle, causing the turrets to flip upwards in a somewhat amusing fashion.
- Not really a bug, but adding a larger variety of officer attire would be great, along with including Diplomacy in the mod(so you can recruit from a certain culture).
- Motorcycles keep breaking down when hitting obstructions like bushes in the battle-map, it's best to turn it off.
- Planes don't seem to disappear even after autoresolving.
- 'Naval Battle' scenes literally involve a bunch of soldiers fighting close-range in the sky, rather immersion-breaking.
- White Vaegirs lock dialogue the second time you meet them, making it impossible to exit out of the interaction or progress on.
- Red Khergits attack for no reason when interacted with at random.
- Being attacked by bandits at night in towns causes one bandit to be visible and attackable while the other one is nowhere to be seen - possibly stuck under the scene?

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When playing as an enlisted soldier you don't have the option "Enter Stationed town" so you are always in map mode without the chance to explore the city your army is currently garrisioned in...

There is no naval battles too, only a groundless and buggy battlefield when engaged at sea...

Some clothing are invisible too (can remember exaclty which)

And please fix the tank stuff, i would love to see tanks.

When using a riffle with multiple shots, if you press the mouse buton right after shooting, it interrupts the bolt triggering animation, also could you add some recoil to revolvers and pistols?
I know it's not game breaking, but it breaks the immersion a little...

One of the skins at the creation menu is black (literally black with no textures)

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