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Post feature RSS GOG Running Devolver Digital Sale; 4 Deranged Games On Sale (+1 That Isn't, And A Mod For Each)

GOG has a sale on celebrating the works of the varied and bombastic Devolver Digital, so here's four games to pick up (a fifth if you like to complete a set) and a mod for each!

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Devolver Digital, purveyor of all things experimental, bombastic, and inane, have a publisher sale on GOG featuring all their titles. With GOG's "make your own bundle" feature permitting you to choose your own deals, hopefully these four games and a mod for each (plus one that isn't on sale strangely, but completes a set - see further below!) will help you make up your mind!

Game: Serious Sam: The First Encounter: £0.99 GBP/$1.11 USD

Mod: Parse Error FE 2.0

By DwK

Parse Error FE 2.0 is a game Modification for Serious Sam: The First Encounter. Ton's of new game options allow you to create almost any type of Game Mode your little heart desires. New features include a Dual Mini, "Da Bomb" and an alternate fire on several of the weapons. Crank up the Enemy Max as high as you can and let the InSamnity begin!

Game: Hotline Miami: £1.39 GBP/$1.56 USD

Mod: Midnight Animal

By spncryn

Screenshots from Steam

The year is 2016. Following a series of crippling terrorist attacks, America has been plunged into a state of national anarchy. From the chaos, a new power has risen. An organisation of self-proclaimed patriots from every walk of life, they have rewritten the very values which once defined their beloved nation, in order to save it from itself. Welcome to their world – a world where laws are written at the barrel of the gun, and trades brokered in the currency of blood; where elections are won through bullets, and politics negotiated in the rhetoric of blades. Welcome back to Miami.

Game: Serious Sam: The Second Encounter: £0.99 GBP/$1.11 USD

Mod: Serious Violence

By Rick90

Serious Violence

Be more serious in Serious Violence! Weapons are more powerful and better balanced for extreme firepower; enemy counts have been increased vastly (with the same enemies now on the lowest difficulty as the highest, and it only grows from there); and more secrets for even committed Serious Sam fans to dig up. SS2 is one of the zanier entries in the series and if that's always been your thing, here's a solid excuse to go back!

Game: Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number: £2.39 GBP/$2.68 USD

Mod: Star Wars: The Hunt

By Yeger11

Image 2

Whilst the Empire does control the whole damn galaxy, their authority is not absolute everywhere. Either due to shortages of supplies, men, private interests, or a mixture of all three, the Empire simply can't keep a tight grip on every world. Bespin is one such world. Take the role of the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett in a set of 5 violent missions for the Empire. Slaughter an endless amount of rebel scum in a 5 level campaign set in the galaxy far far away, and reluctantly or not, receive your paycheck at the end of each slaughter. Everybody needs a job, after all; be the bounty hunter that does the jobs no one else will do.

(For some reason, SS3 is not on sale on GOG, but if you've picked up the other Serious Sam games you may as well nab this one too!)

This is a crazy version of Serious Sam 3: BFE. This mod features modified weapons and enemies. Now with new skins! If you felt lack of action in SS3 - you definitely should check it out. All enemies have received a substantial rebalance to fit them better into the sandbox and all weapons have, too, to enhance their place and bring the style back to the classics in Croteam's saga - all set within a new campaign for those who just want to get even more Serious!

There's our picks for five games from the Devolver Digital sale, which runs until October 18th. What are some of your favourite mods for these (and other) Devolver Digital games? Let us know in the comments down below!

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