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These are some features you'll see In Project Warcry, an upcoming RTS game!

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Features In Project Warcry

  • A deep and fascinating universe that has the depth to
    engross players in but not force it upon them through tiresome cut
    scenes and dialogue. Show the player; don’t tell the player!
  • A simple split tech tree that allows players to have different
    experiences each game and unlimited paths based on the community and
    developer support.
  • Unique resource system that allows players to collect resources anywhere or scour the map for hot spots.
  • Players can equip squads and units with war gear to make them more effective and build player attachment
  • Upgrades and abilities for all squads and units.
  • Unique races that have individual play styles and special attributes.
  • Simple leveling up system that gives rewards for keeping units alive.
  • Commanders who are capable of turning the tide of battle with extraordinary abilities.
  • Super units that can break the back of an enemy force.
  • Super weapons that can destroy entire bases but require skill rather than tech advancement.
  • Unique phase advancement system that puts teching directly in the player’s hands.
  • Unique power system that controls population and reduces build time.
  • Beautifully crafted worlds and units for players to enjoy on their way to victory or defeat.
  • Proven and accepted archetypes combined with modified features for a new but familiar RTS experience.
  • A community emphasis where modders can create their own races and paths
    to be submitted to Elseware Entertainment and possibly added to future
chris_sloany - - 2,830 comments

looks very promising!! hope it all goes well!

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Tolzan Author
Tolzan - - 3 comments

Glad your looking forward to it, we have put a ton of work into the game. =)

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SliderFF - - 896 comments

last spot make hapy a half of moddb visitors)and i hope each side will have atleast 3 hero unts(comanders)

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Mularac - - 2,910 comments

Excellent guys, great to hear although I must say I'm not too crazy about the superweapons... Perhaps an option to turn them off on multi games?

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TheGeekWithTheGun - - 129 comments

i agree with you man, i prefure to wipe teams out with force, and tactics, not have a race with the other team to see who can make a superweapon first.

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Tolzan Author
Tolzan - - 3 comments

I'll talk to the team about it, thanks for the feedback!

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L0K - - 268 comments

The thing about the super weapons is that they require skill to use. You cant just build a structure and get that ability. You have to have a level five hero and you have to mark the target for a specific time. Getting super weapons is more of a reward for keeping your hero alive the whole game. However, the ability to turn off super weapons is an interesting one and an easy thing to include :)

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noobthenoob - - 111 comments

looks nice

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L0K - - 268 comments

@Noobthenoob: I support prongs :)

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TheGeekWithTheGun - - 129 comments

haha ya i love the avatar!

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