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A complete overhaul of Mount & Blade Warband with all new factions, characters, units, scenes and maps.

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BORGERKRIGEN 1157 - created by RobinHat

NOTE: This mod is best played in Danish (instructions for Danish language installation in READ THIS FIRST file. The mod can be played in English, but some features - such as poems - are more authentic in Danish)

Welcome to the Danish Civil War of 1157.

The realm is split between three kings: Svend of Scania, Knud of Zealand, and Valdemar of Jutland.
Each is convinced he is in the right, and battle for the fate of the country is inevitable. Surrounding this bitter conflict, other realms begin to stur. To the south the two German realms of Saxony and Pomerania greedily eye the opportunity to grab new lands for the Holy Roman Empire, and to the north-east the Kingdom of Sweden is itching to use the opportunity to increase power in the region.



- Entirely new strategic map spanning from Gotland to Saxony, from the North Sea to Western Poland.

- Six entirely new factions with all new units, characters and family trees.

- All new companions with individual backstories and motivations

- Hundreds of brand new towns, castles and villages - many of which are based on actual historical and geographical facts regarding the respective locations.



- Dedal (for his excellent tavern animations and map icons)
- dejawolf (for his wonderful helmet and armour packs)
- La Grandmaster (for his seasonal and weather effects)
- Narf (for his brilliant armour packs)
- Somebody (for being the master guru of modding)

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