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An FAQ to cover any initial questions about the game and to introduce its gameplay features. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to post them in the comments.

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EVE:WORLD takes advantage of the Outerra engine's 1:1 scale to bring you a planetary invasion simulator set in the EVE universe.

Q: Won't CCP shut you down for using their assets?

A: Asking CCP for permission was the first thing we did. CCP actively encourages people to make use of their assets so long as they acknowledge it is considered a derivative work and therefore cannot be re-sold. CCP assets have shown up in games such as Freespace 2, Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, Crysis, Sins of a Solar Empire...

Q: What's the objective of this game?

A: Your fleet starts in space, close to Earth. Between you and the planet is the enemy fleet. You must strike at targets on Earth whilst being ever mindful of the environmental effects of gravity and atmospheric re-entry. Many of your ships were never designed to make planetfall. Should you have enough armour to make it through re-entry you will most likely crash straight into the ground. At time of writing, only ships the size of Destroyers and smaller are planned to be able to make planetfall, using the ship sizes of DUST 514 as a reference. This may change for gameplay purposes.

Q: What ships can I fly?

A: All of them. So far we have all combat ships from all four race ported to the game. Minor races such as Sleepers and Jovians aren't included but may be added post-release. Same goes for non-combat ships such as freighters.

Q: What weapons can I use?

A: Outerra uses Bullet Physics and we plan to simulate railguns, artillery, autocannons, energy weapons, blasters and missiles. Some weapons will have their accuracy affected by Earth's gravity the closer you are to the planet. For example, you will have to compensate when using heavy artillery close to orbit. Energy weapons on the other hand are completely unaffected but have no splash damage.

Q: How can I destroy Earth?

A: You must make it past the battleships of the enemy's outer blockade, the cruisers in the inner blockade and the frigates and fighters on the planet. Atmospheric re-entry does damage proportional to your ship's mass and speed. Many of the projectiles fired by ships will also burn up before they reach the target. Lasers can bombard the planet from orbit but only do very localised damage. Nuclear missiles and torpedoes hardened for re-entry can be fired in salvos by ships in orbit, but they can always be intercepted by ships on the ground. Smaller ships can make a controlled descent through the atmosphere and drop large free-fall bombs that have very little chance of being intercepted. We also plan for a "special move" where if your fleet has a Titan, and it makes it past enemy lines, and it survives re-entry and you time its Doomsday Device to power-up and discharge within the small window of being close enough to the ground to negate burn-up but not so close the ship hits the ground before being able to fire you will destroy the planet.

Q: Can I be an beta tester?

A: We're taking an Early Access approach to release so have no requirement for testers. Once there are two complete factions with weapons that can cause hitpoint damage and there are win/lose conditions we will release a basic build. We will then release iterative updates for it in the future.

Q: How much will this play like EVE?

A: Not too much. Aside from allowing direct control of your ship many of EVE's subtler mechanics have been abstracted. For example there will only be three types of damage: Shield, Armour and Hull. All ships will be off-the-shelf, uncustomised Tech 1 ships. The only warhead type is the "Inferno" kind as it does equal damage to shields and armour. We are using EVE's ship speeds, hitpoints and weapon damage points as a basis though.

Q: How will capital ships handle?

A: They will differ from smaller ships in that they pilot the same way as capital ships in Starshatter, Starfleet Command or Battlestations Pacific. Clicking the mouse on a point port or starboard of the ship will make it turn until its heading is at the same angle. You will have a free-orbiting camera with which you can use to aim turrets.

Q: Can I help?

A: Yes. We have some minor texturing and animation jobs to do, such as animating the turrets. Feel free to PM me.

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