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A list of lords/companions and their exclusive units added in the submod. The list does not include units exclusive lord units that were already in the base 2.0 mod.

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  • Ser Bonifer Hasty: Holy Hundred cavalry
  • Toronno Melane- Mantarys Horrors
  • Triarch_Malaquo_Maegyr- Volantine Tiger Guards
  • First_Sword_Qarro_Volentin- Braavosi Swordsmen
  • Admiral_Torone_Otherys- Braavosi Marines
  • Sealord_Ferrego_Antaryon- Braavosi Titan Guards
  • High Priest Caltos, Terrior Tavellen, Mero Tavellen- Norvos Holy Guard + Norvos Fanatics
  • Prince Morello- Unsullied
  • Yollo Moesia, Moreo Moesia- Dothraki Sellswords
  • Craghas Tendiras- Qohorik Black Guard + Qohorik Cultists
  • Parquello_Vaelaros- Warriors of Rh'llor
  • Vogarro_Lohar, Galamanchos_Lohar- Slave Archer/Swordsman
  • Nyessos_Drahar, Racallio_Drahar- Slave Skirmishers/Pikemen
  • Triarch_Doniphos_Paenymion, Horonno_Paenymion, Vogarro_Paenymion- Slave Warrior/Skirmisher/Vanguard
  • Triarch_Nyessos_Vhassar, Belicho_Vhassar- Volantine Cataphract + Slave Warrior/Skirmisher
  • Draharrio_Isalios- Summer Islander Archers
  • Qorvo the Torturer- Stepstone Pirates + Slave Warrior
  • Mance Rayder- Wildling Giants
  • Styr, Magnar of Thenn- Thenn Warriors
  • Lord_Dunstan_Drumm- Old Wyk Reavers
  • Lord_Gorold_Goodbrother, Greydon_Goodbrother- Hammerhorn Reavers
  • Lord_Rodrik_Harlaw, Ser_Harras_Harlaw- Harlaw Reavers
  • Greatjon and Smalljon Umber- Last Hearth Berserkers
  • Lord Roose Bolton- Dreadfort MAA/Serjeants
  • King Robb Stark- Winterfell MAA/Mounted Serjeants
  • Lord_Anders_Yronwood- Yronwood Knights
  • Lord_Quentyn_Qorgyle, Ser_Gulian_Qorgyle, Ser_Arron_Qorgyle- Sandstone Mounted Stingers
  • Lord Paxter Redwyne- Arbor Knights
  • Lord Randyll Tarly- Horn Hill Longbowman


  • Sallor the Bald- The Stormcrows
  • Chargemaster Gylo Rhegan- The Long Lances
  • Casso of Ibben- Ibbenese skirmishers/axeman
  • Rodrik the Limper- The Wolfpack
  • Jhorgo_Tomarros- The Jolly Fellows
  • Lotharo_Erosenes- The Iron Shields
  • Ser_Haldon_Wending- The Rose Company
  • The Titan's Bastard- The Second Sons
  • Lorren the Pure- The Maiden's Men
  • Harl Knightsbane- The Stormbreakers
  • Lord Vargo Hoat- The Brave Companions


  • Berengar Parren- Septon-at-Arms
  • Allen Cargyll- Cargyll MAA
  • Caul- Vale Mountain Clansmen
  • Carver- Bandits + Gutter Knights
  • Grazno zo Paton- Lockstep Legionnaires
  • Saathos- Qarthene Camel Riders
  • Ser Jasper Rivers- Frey MAA
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