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This is main ENCYCLOPEDIA page for Paradigm Worlds. It will guide you through diverse and alive world that will come after ours.

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This is ENCYCLOPEDIA covering story of the Paradigm Worlds.


On October 7, 2052, the world was stunned to learn that Russian scientists had become pioneers in viro-transplantology, a high-end, military-grade science that involved the implantation of specially designed viruses into the human body to extend human life. This was demonstrated by the 100th birthday of Generalissimus Vladimir Putin, who appeared healthier and more vital than ever.

However, 120 days later, the USA-NAD issued an ultimatum to Russia, demanding that they share their knowledge of bioviral technology with the rest of the world. The resulting conflict escalated quickly, with the USA-NAD launching a pre-emptive bioviral strike, which triggered the almost instant annihilation of over 2 billion people within 24 hours.

The shock of the death rate from this new weapon of mass destruction was unmatched by anything the world had ever seen. Countries started to disperse different versions of their own bioweapons, and within three days, the world's population had dropped to less than 250 million. The consequences of this scale of destruction were unpredictable, with viral mutations spreading quickly and even making their way onto the internet, where they spread through upgraded military bio-servers and artificial neural AI servers.

A week later, humanity had nearly vanished, with less than 5 million people surviving. The final safe haven, London, fell on the Thirteenth Day, and by the next day, no intelligent life remained. Sentient life ceased to exist for the next several centuries.

The war, bio-science, and viral mutations changed the world's biology forever. All life on Earth was nearly gone, with only a primordial soup of bacteria and viruses fighting for survival and evolution. The first post-apocalyptic sentient life, a primitive fungoidal humanoid, appeared around the year 4020-30. Some elements of old civilizations' architecture and technology survived, providing a foundation for a new beginning.

Over the next several centuries, the virals evolved rapidly, eventually abandoning the primordial soup to establish the first known tribal society around the state-city of Ashahan in 4407 AD. The first contact between fungoidal humanoids and virals took place 20 years later, in 4427, with the virals quickly dominating and assimilating the fungoidals over the next 150 years.

In 4600, great migrations began and new civilizations spread across the world. Over the next century, 24 colonization attempts were made, with each new settlement adapting to the unique climate and bio-stability of their environment, evolving at an unprecedented pace. This led to the development of various new races, each shaped by the temperature, humidity, and harshness of their climate.

Note: this is 'original' introduction from PW mod, written around 2017 or even earlier. Edited in 2023 by Artificial Intelligence. KG.

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