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Profane will have a dynamic world: a world constantly changing and reacting to the actions of its players as well as the Dynamic Factions that will inhabit it. Exploring and seeking adventures in a sandbox MMORPG when everything always looks the same.

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Hey, peeps!
Today we bring you another concept of the ruins of Semisus.



As you can see, it shows the same spot in two different situations: with high and low levels of water.
We are taking this opportunity to talk about how the weather, seasons, and even day & night cycles might impact the gameplay and your journey in Profane. Right off the bat, we would like to say that the dynamic represented on the concepts won't be possible so soon. The idea of tides rising and lowering, revealing or concealing secret places, is excellent, and it gives room to so many possibilities for our world. Still, it's a tough one to execute appropriately. Many technical difficulties tie us at the moment, so we've scrapped this feature for now. However, we would like to move in this direction, and we will be looking for ways to explore dynamic weather and environments with Profane.

So far, during our development, we have successfully accomplished:

  • Dynamic Weather: with customizable sunny and rainy days;
  • Day & Night Cycles: the sun will rise and set with varying times and angles, influencing the behavior and availability of both fauna and flora;
  • Seasons: we are already able to implement different seasons that will also impact creatures and resources, but this is something that will probably be left out of Alpha since it would also require the development of so many new art assets and creatures to go with all the different seasons;

When filling the world with living beings, plants, minerals, and all that, our Spawner System will follow complex parameters to determine if it's the right place and time for something to appear. Perhaps, being daytime, certain creatures will spawn in dark caves only and, when night comes, they will spawn outside, ready to hunt. Or maybe a certain kind of herb can only be found during rainy days? That is the direction we are following when putting these systems in place.

This is also very important for the economy, which is another important factor we have in mind when developing these systems. We want some resources to be scarce and hard to come by, limited by weather, season, or time of day. And, of course, we don't want players to gather these resources easily in a 30-minute gameplay session. If you seek to find them all by yourself, we want you to have to put more hours into it if your goal is not to depend on others. Or maybe just logging in at a different time. So the important is that players are not able to cover all the possibilities with little time invested. And this is very important for the macroeconomic aspect of the game.

With seasons, to give you an idea, there could be plants that only grow during summer. So prices would drop during that season, as it is more accessible by everyone, but the cost would rise as winter approaches. Players that enjoy the trader-gameplay could benefit from this by having a stock and selling it during the other seasons.

We are very excited to see how we'll be able to create this in Profane and see how it will play out and, of course, we are also very interested in your opinion about it, so don't forget to let us know what you think!

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