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Features: - All countries of the WW1 era, including their flags, art set, politic map, armies and foreign relations. - New units, including Assault Infantry, Lancers, WW1 tanks, WW1 planes, Airships, Seaplane Tenders and Torpedo Boats. New 3d models. - Units’ stats, economy and provinces adapted for WW1. More than 30 new cities. - New technology tree. - Important events of the WW1, like Russian Revolution, Arab Revolt, Irish Easter Rising and Finnish Civil War.

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  • All countries of the WW1 era, including their flags, art set, politic map, armies and foreign relations.
  • New units, including Assault Infantry, Lancers, WW1 tanks, WW1 planes, Airships, Seaplane Tenders and Torpedo Boats. New 3d models.
  • Units’ stats, economy and provinces adapted for WW1. More than 30 new cities.
  • New technology tree.
  • Important events of the WW1, like Russian Revolution, Arab Revolt, Irish Easter Rising and Finnish Civil War.

Version 2.2Beta (released June 19, 2009)

  • making every country that appear after the Russian Empire breakdown.
  • 2d art: flag and roundel for Belarus.
  • code: added new country, Belarus, with its new cities Gomel and Brest-Litovsk.
  • 2d art: flag and roundel for Transcaucasia.
  • code: added new country, Transcaucasia.
  • 2d art: flag and roundel for Alash Autonomy.
  • code: added new country, Alash Autonomy, with its capital Alash-qala.
  • 2d art: flag and roundel for Moldova.
  • code: added new country, Moldova, with its capital Kishinev.
  • code: improvements on France, including new city of Limoges.
  • 3d art: added new light artillery model (model by Snafu Smith, converted to MH by Odanan). Custom textures by Odanan.
  • code: the artillery units now are: Light Artillery, Medium Artillery and Heavy Artillery. Changed their stats.
  • code: Mobile Infantry now receives all bonuses for Infantry.
  • 3d art: new german infantry model (without the BAR).
  • code: added new city in the Transylvania province, Kolozsvar.
  • code: implemented the Easter Rising, the 1916 Irish insurrection.
  • 2d art: added "leader-lobby" images for each playable countries.
  • code and 2d art: fixed early submarine and early cruiser icons.
  • *fixes thanks to the Blade's feedback.
  • code*: Turkey's (not Ottoman Empire) capital changed to Ankara, not Constantinople.
  • code*: changed color for several countries.
  • code*: changes on Japan relations and agressive nature.
  • code*: added several more Conscripts spread in the Russian territory.
  • code*: fixed the base decal not showing in the Advanced Assault Infantry.
  • code*: equalized all units' stats (attack, defense, IPU recrution cost, research cost, etc.).
  • code*: implemented Finnish Civil War (1918).
  • code*: now Egypt is a British colony.
  • code*: added new country, Arabia and implemented the Arab Revolt.
  • 2d art*: added flag and roundel for Arabia.
  • code*: complete remake of the Naval researches and units.
  • 3d art, 2d art and code*: added new ship, the Torpedo Boat.
  • 3d art, 2d art and code*: added new ship, the Seaplane Tender.

Version 2.1 (released June 01, 2009)

  • 2d art: new popup combat icons for air and land combat.
  • code: more improvements for Bulgaria. Bulgaria now has Thrace and a new city: Plovdiv, in Eastern Rumelia.
  • code: passed Bessarabia from Romenia to Russian Empire.
  • code: Antwerp is a port city now.
  • code: Japan now desires Manchuria and German Pacific territories.
  • code: added new country, Slovenia and its capital Ljubljana.
  • 2d art: added Slovenia flag and roundel.
  • code: added new city, Hollandia, in West New Guinea.
  • code: fixed the names of Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire and Spain by creating new proper countries.
  • code: new country, Czechia.
  • code: added new country: Transjordan, with its capital Amman.
  • 2d art: added Transjordan flag and roundel.
  • code: added new city for Denmark, Arhus.
  • code: Russian Revolution implemented!!
  • 3d art: added the recon plane model.
  • 2d art: several new textures for the fighters.
  • code: better colors for the countries.
  • code: adjustments in the countries' resource producers, made initial stockpiles for some countries.
  • code: added new cities in German colonies: Rabaul (Papua), Kamerunstadt (Cameroon) and Windhoek (South West Africa).
  • code: after suggestions by Germaniac, renamed the cities Poznan (to Posen), Plzen (to Pilsen) and Bratislava (to Pressburg). Also, reduced drastically the IPs of Gdynia.
  • 3d art: added the medium bomber model.
  • code: new gas researches.
  • 2d art: new icons for the gas researches.

Version 2.0 (released May 18, 2009)

  • code: added more historically accurate armies.
  • code: review of the researches already known by the countries.
  • code: agriculture upgrades: increased the CostPerMPU and decreased the Maintenance cost.
  • code: production adjustmentes for recruiting units.
  • code: transport credits less expensive now.
  • code: harder to expand pre-industrial cities (changed "nIPUsRequired" from 5 to 10).
  • code: more improvements in Turk-Ottoman Empire, including new cities of Kars, Mosul, Esksehir and Adalia.
  • code: new country: Montenegro. Made a new city (Podgorica) as its capital.
  • code: improvements in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Added two new cities, with important role in WW1: Pula and Sarajevo.
  • code: added new city for Serbia: Skopje.
  • code: added two new cities for France: Verdun and Nancy.
  • code: added new cities for Germany: Cologne and Dresden.
  • code: small improvements on Bulgaria.
  • code: finally added "briefing" text for the playable nations.
  • code: added new city for Netherlands: Rotterdam, now its capital.
  • code: added new city for Belgium: Antwerp.
  • code: replaced several unit models for other more fit to the country in WW1.
  • code: changed the research tree to WW1 technologies.
  • . Infantry tab: added "Assault Infantry", "Improved Assault" and "Advanced Assault".
  • . Armored tab (now called Cavalry): added "Lancers"; changed "Early Tank" to "Armored Car" (using "Mechanized Infantry" art for now); "Light Tank" to "Primitive Tank" (new art soon); "Medium Tank" to "Primitive Light Tank" (new art soon); "Heavy Tank" to "Primitive Heavy Tank" (new art soon); "Advanced Tank" to "Modern Light Tank".
  • . Mobile Infantry tab: added "Improved Mounted Infantry" and "Advanced Mounted Infantry". Removed all "Mechanized Infantry" units.
  • . Artillery tab: removed "Self-Propelled Gun", "Rocket Artillery" and "Automated Targeting".
  • . Carrier tab: removed "Light Carriers", "Fleet Carriers" and "Super Carriers".
  • . Battleship tab: removed "Advanced Battleships".
  • . Cruiser tab: removed "Large Cruisers".
  • . Destroyer tab: removed "Escort Destroyers".
  • . Submarine tab: removed "Advanced Submarines".
  • . Offensive Tactics tab: removed "Combine Arms". Increased values for "Maneuver Warfare" and "Infiltration".
  • . Defensive Tactics tab: increased values for all templates.
  • . Jet Power tab (now called Airship): added "Early Zeppelin" and "Improved Zeppelin".
  • . Fighter tab: removed "Jet Fighters", "Improved Carrier Fighters" and "Advanced Carrier Fighters". Added "Recon Planes" and changed "Pre-War Fighters" to "Basic Fighters".
  • . Bomber tab: removed "Light Bombers" and "Strategic Bombers".
  • . Nuclear Research tab (now called Chemical Warfare): added "Poison Gas" research.
  • . Rocketry Research tab (now called Military Logistics): added "Modernized Supply Lines".
  • . Military Training tab: replaced "Amphibious Assaults" for "Marines".
  • . Electronics tab: "Vehicle Radios" changed to "Field Telephones", "Advanced Sonar" changed to "Hidrophones".
  • . Synthetic Oil tab (now called Recycling): added "Charcoal Production" and "Biodiesel Production". *Any other ideas would be welcome.
  • code: new stats for every land and air unit.
  • code: removed Ireland (still part of UK at that time). Thanks W1Ck3d for the tip.
  • code: after some enlighten debate with ford_prefect, Kuwait is an independent country now.
  • code: changed the values of adjustments for Easiest, Easy and Normal difficulties to make the game slightly harder.
  • code: making armaments now does not consume Oil.
  • code: simplified the units costs for better resource management. Infantry and Cavalry units doesn't consume any resource to recruit.
  • code: repair of ships is faster and cheaper now.
  • code: added new country: Newfoundland, with its capital St. John.
  • code: several adjusts in the sharedDataHistoricCountries.
  • code: solved the food shortage problem in the first turns. Now every territory will produce more food.
  • code: China was divided into several factions (Zhang, Yan, Feng, Cai, Li and Ma) to emulate the warlord control of the provinces. Added some new cities (their capitals).
  • 2d art: Bosnia flag and roundel.
  • 2d art: Montenegro flag and roundel.
  • 2d art: WW1 Netherlands roundel.
  • 2d art: Newfoundland flag and roundel.
  • 2d art: new images for "embargo", "productive boost", "war warning", "you liberated" and the "infiltration" and "hedgehog defense" researches.
  • 2d art: icons for the new units.
  • 2d art: new top background for Military Area.
  • 2d art: new background for selected Air forces.
  • 2d art: new backgrounds for the Research tabs (Military Training, Mobile Infantry, Artillery, Armored, Fighter, Bomber, Airship, Chemical Warfare and Military Logistics).
  • 3d art: Lancers for all countries (25 new 3D models, several new textures).
  • 3d art: new model for US infantry (WW1 style).
  • 3d art: model for the British Mark IV (Primitive Tank) tank and Mark A Whippet (Primitive Light Tank).
  • 3d art: model for the Zeppelin.
  • 3d art: model for the St. Chamond (Primitive Heavy Tank).

Version 1.2 (released April 25, 2009)

  • code: several changes on China to reflect its fractured WW1 status (more changes to come).
  • code: several improvements in Turk-Ottoman Empire, including: added Trebizond, Aleppo and Sinope cities; made factories and mines better and added new coal mine in Cappadocia.
  • code: slight improvements in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and in France.
  • code: downgraded (once more) the mines and industrial power of the USA.
  • code: armies balanced.
  • 2d art: new Chinese flag and roundel.
  • 2d art: new Tibetan flag and roundel (I didn't notice there was already an art pack for the country).

Version 1.1 (released April 17, 2009)

  • 2d art: changed the Turk-Ottoman roundels for the WW1 design.
  • 2d art: fixed German diplomatic flag.
  • 2d art: added WW1 banners for the events: "alliance forms", "country liberated" and "war declared".
  • code: renamed Leningrad to Petrograd. Made it the Russian capital.
  • code: renamed Istambul to Constantinople. Made it the Turk-Ottoman capital.
  • code: added new Brazilian city (Belo Horizonte) in Sudeste region. (the first of lots of new cities to be added in whole world)
  • code: downgraded (once more) the industrial power for the Russian Empire.
  • code: upgraded (once more) the industrial power of the German Empire.
  • code: remake of French armies.
  • code: complete clean-up of the German strategies. Now it's behaving more like in the WW1.

Version 1.0 (released April 14, 2009)

10/April/2009 (night):

  • I accidently discover of the site: www.making-history.com/hq/ and learned that it's possible (and easy) to make custom scenarios.

11/April/2009 (morning):

  • first look into the xml files. Study of how the game works.
  • made some tests and got my first error message. Yes, there isn't a debugger.
  • begin to plan what will need in the scenario.

11/April/2009 (afternoon):

  • made all the 2D art for the WW1. Lots of new flags and icons.
  • got the "Rise of the Reich" scenario as basis for the Deadlock.
  • put all the new art to work in the game.

11/April/2009 (evening):

  • watched (again) some episodes of the House's first season. ^^

12/April/2009 (early morning):

  • start of the major code changes: making of the WW1 empires.
  • several countries cease to exist and few new are created.

12/April/2009 (afternoon):

  • continue of the map changes.

12/April/2009 (late evening):

  • after watching House, a long match to test the scenario so far. Playing as Austro-Hungarian Empire (it's hard).
  • start of countries’ balance (size of the cities, production of the mines, technologies researched).

13/April/2009 (early morning):

  • finish of countries’ balance.
  • creation of historically accurate armies and relationship of the countries.

13/April/2009 (late evening):

  • downgrade of some nations like USA, UK and Russia to WW1 specifications.

14/April/2009 (early morning):

  • last balancing (making sure the nations will behave correctly in the war).
  • last tests.

14/April/2009 (late evening):

  • writing the readme, making the installer and preparing the release.
  • test of the installer.
  • release (I'm exhausted).
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