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This is a simple guide for how to use leorio paradinight

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Leorio is a "Rogue" Shinobi.

Leorio starts at level 1 with 293 HP, 139 CP, 15 Physical Attack, 12 Physical Defense, 24 Chakra Attack, 12 Chakra Defense, 32 Swift and 32 Anti Chakra. When he reaches Level 4, he has 437 HP, 185 CP, 19 Physical Attack, 16 Physical Defense, 33 Chakra Attack, 15 Chakra Defense, 44 Swift and 40 Anti Chakra.

Leorio has both the skills "Cure" and "Nen" to heal both HP and CP. Leorio also learns judgement at level 2 to do strong chakra damage. Both "Revive" and "Revive All" are for reviving a knocked party member.

Leorio can also equip any Element Ointment in order to change the Element of both "Judgement" and "Acute Judgement", and if you want to go physical, he also learns "Detroit Smash" at level 1 and "Double Detroit Smash" at level 21.

Overall, Leorio is pretty good, but also balanced. He also learns moves like "Nen" that could restore CP, but he has skills like "Acute Judgement" for attacking too.


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