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Character design process and concept art for one of the Petrol Blood's protagonists.

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Spike, a fan of decadent Western music and all things automotive is one of the two protagonists in our game. He is an impetuous young delinquent that is growing up in a system that denies him any future. A stark opposite to the seasoned secret agent that will pair up with him as the second playable character in the story of Petrol Blood.

To design a character with background like that you have to get yourself in the right mood.
The playlist that aplified the design process was mostly Bad Religion,The Clash and Boy Sets Fire.

Character design is a long process, Spike got many versions before we could cherry pick what we like the most and proceed to the next step.

punk concept 001

The leather jacket inspired by the outfit of “Akira” protagonists was the motif that kept repeating in those designs.

When we thought that we had the overall design there were still a few iterations left to get the details and colors right.

punk concept 003

Character face needed extra attention too.
Those are just the final propositions of his looks at the end of the designing process:

punk concept 002

And the final version of Spike, as he is out to make some trouble in one of Petrol Blood's cutscenes:

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