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Countries: ANS is a free text-based nation simulation game that was made with unity. You can play in a world with up to 10 different AI nations and compete for resources (and forces) in order to dominate the known world. The most recent game version is '0.5a' as of Jan 27th, 2022.

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CHANGELOG (0.5a) -
* Fixed military draft troop count reset bug.
* Fixed peace screen.
* Fixed heir replacement bug.
* Balanced leader & heir deaths.
* Miscellaneous UI fixes.
* Added 100+ names to the 'culture groups'.
* Added bug reporter in 'Tutorial/Credits'.
* Fixed horizontal UI bugs.

* Added tablet support (supports rotation).
* Added 'Public Health' resource and a simple health system (with buildings).
* Added 'Military Draft' system, new laws, and a 'Surrender' option in war-time.
* Added 'GDP' to the economics section.
* Added 'Heirs', 'Elections', 'Culture Groups', and randomized leader death.
* Re-balanced resources, added history, fixed multiple bugs.

* Added history & revolt system.
* Added simple laws & edicts system.
* Balanced tax system and added over 20 new event types.
* Balanced resources, events, and economics.
* Major AI and resource re-balance for medium and hard mode.
* Small UI fixes.

Added distinct game-types allowing for different game lengths.
Added a few new government types.
Added a simple tax system.
Added a simple happiness system.
Added random resource button (requires watching an ad).
Minor UI & AI Improvements.
Minor Bugfixes.

Version 0.2 Changelog:
* Energy Buildings and a revamped energy system.
* Education Buildings and an education system.
* Added a random events system with over 20 new events that can happen throughout the game.
* Aluminum, Uranium, and Silicon require some amount of education to procure with any efficiency.
* Revamped some UI features (incl. 'tutorial' and 'military recruitment').
* Some serious bug-fixes were achieved.

Google Play Link:
Play.google.com ... .Countries

Some Images from this release:

CountriesStore 001

CountriesStore 003

CountriesStore 004

CountriesStore 007

CountriesStore 006

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