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AD 1257 Dark Ages

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The mod is fully released at this stage

the TBD tag is there to exclude the possibility of rating my work. It is here free to be played by who ever wants it, but to be judged by none.

Remember to set the configuration with LOAD TEXTURE ON DEMAND and FORCE SINGLE THREADING ON and in the game option REALISTIC SHADOWS ON PLANTS on FULL.

This is a project I have been working on for quite a while. Thanks to Dr Thomas and his team not to put restraints in releasing a reworked version of AD 1257 (a great mod I enjoyed a lot)

My AD 1257 Dark Ages gives the player a very different style of game experience from the original mod. All the scripts, how AI works and the game features are those from my previous experience in modding.

This project takes a lot from my previous works, however, I had never faced such a huge scale work, with 46 factions and over 1000 units. It is massive and to try to represent every troop tree for each faction had been exhausting.

- Players will have the opportunity to give orders to their troops speaking one among 5 languages. In this way the immersion is greatly improved because if my character wants to unify the Rus, for example, to be able to give orders in russian adds a lot to the general atmosphere of the game.

the languages are English (default), Italian, Spanish, French and Russian.

to change the language you must copy paste a text file in the mod’s folder as better explained in the in-game notes.

- There will be no round banner on friendly troops in this mod. In general it is not too difficult to recognize friendly troops by their banners, shields and equipment and where it is not easy, well, that is the caos of battles, to recognize friendly troops was not always that obvious.

I believe that this way it is much better, and there is no way I change it, so please don’t even ask. At the end of the day it is like to start drinking coffee with no sugar, after awhile you get used and you can’t stand drinking it in any other way.

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