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A lot of games nowadays have achievements to reward the player when they complete some goal. Robo's World 3 will have these as well, but in addition, there will also be failures!

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It's a simple system. Do something good, earn extra points, do something bad, lose points.
Surely if you reward someone when they do something well, you should punish them if they do something bad... and I don't mean a simple screw up, I mean a total fail!
It is best illustrated with an example:
When you shoot down a Zarnok Sentry, thier body goes flying off until it hits a surface and explodes. If what it hits is an enemy, you get an achievement for doing so. If you get hit by it, you get a failure.
As you can see by this example, most achievements and failures will come in pairs. That is, doing one thing well and being rewarded with points, and doing that same thing badly will make you lose points.
Just a note, the points mentioned here are what you build up to rank up and earn abilities. You will never go down a rank and forget an ability. (I'm not that cruel). But considering that failures often involve you getting negatively effected, you will want to avoid them even if you have no points to loose.
Acheivments and failures will be shown with the images you see in the preview picture over-top of the new Information Screen Textbox (IST). It will also show information about the achievement or failure so you can see its name, point value (positive or negative), and a short description of how you got that failure or achievement.
One last thing, unlike most "achievements" in games today, it is possible to get a lot of achievements (and their respective failures) more then once. Also remember that those that you can get multiple times will be worth a much smaller amount of points.

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