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In Abacus AI, players control a sentient robot who must work together with their CPU to overcome challenges and escape the facility they are trapped in. In this feature, we get a sneak peek at the dynamic relationship between the robot and the CPU as they solve a problem together..

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Abacus, the robot, and the CPU, their artificial intelligence companion, were making their way through the abandoned factory. Suddenly, the path ahead was blocked by a large, impassable wall.


"What do we do now?" Abacus asked, scanning the area for any other routes.

The CPU responded, "We could try using one of our tools. Do you have the plasma ball ammo for your rifle?"

Abacus checked his inventory and shook his head. "No, we used it all up on those security drones. All we have left is the electric charge and the explosion."

The CPU thought for a moment. "The explosion might be too risky. We don't want to bring the whole place down on top of us. But the electric charge could work. If we can overload the control panel on the wall, we might be able to deactivate the force field blocking our way."

Abacus nodded. "Alright, let's give it a try. I'll aim for the control panel and you direct me on the frequency and intensity of the charge."


The robot and the CPU worked together, using their combined knowledge and skills to successfully overload the control panel. The force field deactivated, and the path ahead was clear.

"Well done, Abacus," the CPU congratulated. "We make a good team."

Abacus smiled, feeling a sense of accomplishment. Together, they would be able to overcome any obstacle and find a way out of the facility.

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